Gather Dance

Dance Tent

A riot of color meets your eyes as you step inside the tent. Besides the colors of the swirling gowns on the dancing ladies, there are colored streamers run along the ceiling. Vases of wildflowers sit on the tables placed along the sides of the tent for tired dancers. A table in the back of the tent is loaded with sweets and drinks, and a platform in the front of the tent serves as a stage for the harpers as they perform."

Calia enters.

Calia enters and looks around with a grin moving to Simkus and Carain "hey there looks grand. You guys ready? We got harpers playing and stuff?"

Simkus walks over to the young harper that walked in. Greetings Carain, I am glad that you were able to make it."

Carain shakes her head as she enters with a female journeyman at her side. "Thankfully, no. The watchrider at Harper was more than agreeable at bringing us... Well, all the musicians, as well. Took him three trips, but the entire band of us is here." She smiles politely, and nods to all of those following behind. "These are all apprentices and journeymen from the hall, they'll be providing the dance music and such throughout the night."

Karasa enters.

Phoenix enters.

Brell enters.

R'ana enters.

Calia oohs and smiles "Greetings then Harper." Calia replies formally yet warmly "We look forward to hearing you play. I'm Master Calia."

Carain nods and gives the Master a bow. "Wonderful to meet you, Master. You'll have to forgive me, Calia, Simkus, I'm not the best musician in the hall, but the group with me /is/ comprised of the best musicians in the hall. I'm here only as their diplomat. That's my speciality, you see." She's just a little talkative right now is all...

Lasarah enters.

Callysto enters.

The musicians are setting up, and they start to tune their instruments in chords and little runs up the scales and down, practicing the hard parts a few times before the conductor journeyman flings up her baton and starts up a jig, fast and vicious in its tempo to start the dance.

Trenatee enters.

Trenatee half runs in, flute case slapping at her knee. "I'm sorry I'm late," she apologizes to the directors, "the dragon I was to get a ride on was held over bathing and his rider was sick, oh it was just a mess." "

R'ana peers inside the tent, and ends up coming inside. Well, she's not the first one in. That's good. She doesn't want to crash the party too early, does she. "Hey, you folks got any wine with you? Maybe? Perhaps?" Hopefully. R'ana could use some wine to get her in the dancing mood.

Simkus nods towards Carain. "I am glad you brought good muscians with you. You can set your instruments on teh stage if you like, and enjoy yourselves. You can start when you feel there are enough people here to dance."

Calia smiles and nods at at Carain bowing as well. She glances at Simkus and smiles "good job Simkus." she offers before replying "well good luck with your specialty and enjoy your evening." she replies with a wink moving off towards the drink table to get some wine. At R'ana's words Calia chuckles and holds up the wine flask "Come share with me."

Lasarah rushes into the tent, just a little frazzled, looking for Simkus. "So sorry, Simmy - I got running late and then I just couldn't get my hair right and then I . . well, I'm here." She takes a deep breath and looks around, composing herself. Can't have the hostess all worked up, can we?

R'ana claps towards the master and hops and skips to the jig as she makes her way to Master Calia. "Ahh. Lovely Herders. I've always enjoyed being with you folks. Let's see, Kells was a Herder, wasn't she? And then Muireann was a Herder... and I got my canine from Herders, too! Wonderful people." Taking a look at the Master, she says, "I think we've met, haven't we? Must have been turns ago, though, and you probably didn't have that huge knot on your shoulder... hmmm. I probably hadn't even got Aylia yet." Aylia's the canine.

Trenatee looks over to see a fellow harper appy and her brother. Smile cracks as she walks quickly over toward Simkus. "Hello brother." She calls half way there as she spreads her arms for a hug, "This looks like it should be a hopping place once the music starts."

Simkus smiles and walks over to Trenatee. "Greetings little sis. I am very glad to see you. We will have to talk more about how things are going with you later, ok?"

Phoenix is furtive-eyed as she slinks toward the back of the tent, looking somewhat disgusted with herself and just a little interested in the dancing. A nice spot for observation is claimed, and the Fortian peers at the activity self-consciously. The gather garb she appropriated is /not/ her usual style, and from the uncomfortable set to her mouth, the woman feels she's wearing something neon.

A chuckle is seen as R'ana talks on and on. Good thing cause this herder master is rather a quiet one. Pouring R'ana some benden white she grins slightly and lets her pause to take a deep breath "I'm Calia." she replies by introduction "And no I just recently acquired my knot." she replies with a chuckle "Whom do I have the priviledge of knowing?" she asks formally.

Carain nods to Simkus after he chats with his sister, "I think they're doing well... ahh, yes. They have a mind of their own, you see." She nods to the Harpers already playing fiddles, guitars, pipes, and even a crude type of horn. "Plus, Journeyman Finiki just does whatever she wants..."

Lasarah looks over the gathering crowd, happy to see familiar faces, spying a few she doesn't recognize. One final breath to compose herself, and she begins working the crowd, first to those she knows. "Welcome Master Calia, Brell. Looking very lovely - white is stunning with your tan! Cally, so good to see you!" A special smile is sent towards Tren. "So very good to see you! I am so glad you were able to come down to play for us!"

Trenatee nods and follows the other apprentice over toward the stage, "Here right?" she asks over her shoulder not sure her big brother can hear her over the din of conversation. She continues on not waiting for a response, where else would the harpers be after all then on stage?

R'ana nods to the Master, "Oh, well. I guess not. I'm R'ana," she accepts the wine graciously, "Ahh, thank you. Oh, and Buedath says that he's my dragon. Well, he is. My dragon, that is. Brown- sitting like the lazy bum he is in the courtyard. Didn't even want to fly aaaaall the way back to the weyr. Heh. It's not that far..." R'ana talks on and on. She was a Harper once, you know. She learned how to talk when she wanted to. "So, what do you specialize in, Master Calia?

Brell glances up from her surreptiosly taken spot by the food table, eating as usual it seems. "Hello Lasarah, Callysto, Master Calia" is said as she makes her way toward the others, and friendly nod is thrown toward Simkus as she stops near Callysto

Carain nods to Trenatee, "Yes- Go ahead and join in. They're playing Tillek's Sea Maids, or something like that. Istan Sea Maids? Well, it's the one with the sea maids in it, if you want to join along."

Lasarah's eyes look over the crowd, spotting a quiet girl seeming to sulk in a corner. Can't have that! This party's for fun! With a winning smile, she sweeps over to where Phoenix is sitting. "Welcome! I'm Herder Apprentice Lasarah, and I'm so glad that you could come! Can I get you any food? Drink" Cheerfullness oozes out of every pore, determined that all here will have a good time, whether they want to or not!

Mayhew enters.

Calia smiles at Lasarah and murmurs "Hello Lasarah. Fine job you've done here." she replies and blushes "um thank you." she adds as she sips from her wine. Talking is dry work you know. Turning her attention back to R'ana after greeting Brell with a warm smile "Hello Brell." she replies with a grin "Tell Buedath welcome to Herder and the back pasture has food if he so get's hungry." she winks and replies "My specialty is Beasthealing, mostly the surgical part." she offers noting Pheonix standing alone in the corner Calia edges that way to try to include her in conversation.

Callysto grins and nods to her fellow herders. "Hello!" She smiles at Brell as she comes near her. "How are you doing today?" Cally shifts, fairly uncomfortable, in her gown, definately not used to wairing such things.

Trenatee reaches the stage finally and with no shortage of bumping. Hearing Carian's comment she nods and whispers I don't know which it is either, One of the benefits of playing flute I guess. Is it alright if I take that chair stage right? There doesn't seem to be anyone in it."

The musicians play the jig, "Tillek's Maids of the Sea" and Journeyman Finiki, the latest woman to recieve her journeyman's knot, is at the head, swinging her baton in a brisk 2/2 time. A few people start dancing in the center of the tent, hopping in pairs to the quick pace.

Simkus walks towards the enterance, nodding towards Lasarah as he walks. He changes course to meet up with her.

Carain nods again to Trenatee, "Oh, yes. Just sit with that apprentice playing the pipes over there, he's kind to everyone. Apprentice Neiss, actually... You play flute, then? Good luck to you. With some of these songs we planned, it's going to be hard to get enough air." Carain laughs, moving to take a seat at the edge. She's here just as public relations, after all.

Phoenix eyes the bubbly-frothy herder with an eyebrow-punctuated glance before she smiles. "Thank you for your kind greeting, Lasarah," replies the pale rider, contralto Harper-musical. "I'm glad to have the chance. I'm Rider Phoenix." Thought creases her forehead before she answers the last part of the questions, still slightly hesitant. "If you have anything cold and wet, it would be welcome. I'm not used to Southern summers."

Lilyithe enters.

R'ana smiles to the other rider. Phoenix, wasn't that her name? She'd seen /her/ somewhere before, surely, on a trip to Fort. "Ah, really? Beasthealing, Master Calia? I know a little bit about dragons, but that's what everyone learns.... uh... isn't that right, ah, Rider Phoenix?" R'ana does her best to include Phoenix as well... Wasn't she a Harper, too? The brownrider points to the flask Master Calia carries, and mouths 'cold' silently, then smiles. Come on! How can you resist?

Lilyithe casually enter the tent and smiles around the room, "Hello!"

Lasarah peers again at the unresponsive girl, then turns to greet Simkus. "Well, people are beginning to come, although there seems to be many more ladies here than men. I hope you've got on your dancing shoes - I think you will be quite busy!" She gestures to the crowd. "Seems it's just you and Mayhew, and he doesn't look the dancing type." Finally hearing a response from the rider, she turns with a grin. "Oh, well met, Rider Phoenix! So happy that you've made the journey down for our gather! A cold drink? Of course!"

Trenatee makes a face before climbing less then gracefully onto the wooden stage. Walking carefully behind the other Harpers as not to disturb them she reaches her seat. A quick nod to harper Neiss is given before she sits and unfastens the case around her flute pulling it out she gives it a quick look over before closing her eyes. One measure, two, her foot is beating o a rapid tempo in time to the music before the apprentice raises the flute too her lips. A quick counter melody springs forth that dances around the horn's lower one with a quicker pase.

Calia grins and snags another glass pouring some Benden white for Pheonix murmuring "Got it Lasarah." she grins and winks at Lasarah. "Your doing grand." can we say proud? Calia is sure proud of these two herders and it shows. Speaking to Phoenix as she pours her the wine she murmurs "Rider Pheonix I'm master Calia. So good to see you." she grins at R'ana's unsaid words. "And yes beasthealing, though we don't deal with dragons and lizards but all the other animals."

Carain taps her foot to the beat, relatively quiet, yet enjoying herself already. She studies the people and the goings on, the few couples on the dance floor as well as the groups that are forming. Wine drinkers and then non-wine drinkers... seems to be a pattern.

Lasarah catches Calia's grin and returns it, quite pleased at the Master's approval. Eyes scan the crowd for newcomers and those who just seem to be watching the action. Sweeping over to Lilyithe, (this dress is good for sweeping) she smiles a warm greeting. "So glad you could make it! I'm Herder Apprentice Lasarah - I don't believe we've met." People are going to enjoy themselves here if it's the last thing she does!

The Harpers upon the stage rollick into the 'B' portion of the song, where in this piece the pace is not slackened, but the group plays at piano, or quiet, so that even the footfalls of the dancers can be heard through the viols and pipes. As soon as that short B melody is played through twice, they return to the original theme of the jig in full force, with flying melodies and syncopated rhythms.

Phoenix coughs delicately, eying the just-entered lad with something like despair. A brighter smile is turned on R'ana, and she nods. "I'd assume. I don't know if they teach you different things at Xanadu or not." The eyes are starting to get into the mood, humor gleaming now that she's /almost/ sure that dresses aren't forbidden on tall, skinny Northern riders. Doubtfully, she eyes the wine. "I'm not much of a wine drinker, but I may. Since I'm not /really/ an apprentice any more." And yes, there's a grin. "Master Calia, pleased to meet you," she replies to the senior Herder, a bow of her head in respect.

Trenatee inhales sharply before slipping off into a quick run up and down the upper octave resting only briefly on a shrill C. With barley a pause for air she transfers to the main melody with the windpipes whistling and entertwining with the forte of the small flute section. High low medium and back again in countless combinations keeps this harper girl from idle smiles and observations as of yet, maybe if they move to a slower song latter she'll have a chance.

Calia bows back and smiles "The pleasure is all mine. Please feel free to dance and enjoy yourselves tonight." she herself likes corners and quiet. But without saying she's still a good host "And if you need anything just find Simkus, Lasarah or myself." what /is/ she getting herself into?

R'ana's hands indicate her voice and mood as they swing out and in in gestures. One foot keeps time, one hand holds the wine, and one hand helps her talk. The other foot keeps her standing. "Oh, but isn't it all interesting? I suppose we're all taught the basics, you know, anatomy, first aid and things like that. It's really all very interesting stuff, although I'd rather not see a dragon's insides, thank-you-very-much. Dragons and firelizards don't need to be poked and prodded on the inside, after all. They can just tell us what's wrong, when animals can't and all..." R'ana likes to talk. A lot. Especially when she has good wine.

Lasarah hears Calia's comment and turns back again with a smile, grateful for her help and a little humbled that she offered. With a nod to Lilyithe, she turns back to the food and drink table, pouring herself a tall glass of redfruit juice, but eyeing the wine as she does so. Oh, well. It'll have to wait until she gets her journeyman knot, and hopefully these next few days will go well enough to allow that to happen. Listening in on R'ana's comments, she nods sagely, as if she knows all about beasthealing, instead of it being about her least favorite thing on Pern.

Trenatee slowly slightly, but any little bit helps. A bead of perspiration a wiped quickly away during a rest before she drops down an octave to provide a foil for the climbing clarinets. Slower notes prove to still keep fingers flying, but long hours of practice lend her hands a mind of their own freeing her eyes for short trips across the heads gathered, They pause on Family and people she vaguely recognizes before turning back tot he conductor.

Mayhew is definitely a non-wine-drinker. There's a broad scowl on his already-sullen (hormones!) face. Hands tap those smart black pants in vain--there are no pockets in his suit at all, and nowhere but his scrubbed hands to hide any mischief-making untensiles. So, instead, he heads like a thundercloud to a quieter space in a tent-corner, quick eyes taking note of dance steps warily. Assuredly crazy people, say narrowed eyes, but Mayhew does enjoy watching folk being silly.

"I wonder how they /do/ figure out dragon insides. Dragons and firelizards go -=Between=- when they die, at least that I've heard of." Now she's curious. Long fingers with faint harper-calluses drum a complicated rhythm to the jig, and violet eyes look again at the wine. Perhaps just a sip... "I wouldn't be a Healer if y'paid me, but it is, indeed, interesting. I like the drawings." And that's Phoenix for you.

Meanwhile, the dancers on the floor are getting a good work-out as the group launches into the 'C' section of "Tillek's Maids of the Sea" to continue the Rondo form. The music turns to another melody, expanding and contraction with this theme, the dancers forming in lines to walk under the hands of others. Yet again, the A section returns triumphantly to claim its place in the spotlight, and the dancers start to dance together in twos again, leaving organized dancing behind.

And Calia doesn't mind, taking sips and listening. She's a good listener, and in fact does so "Oh but...see there is /so/ much to learn by the insides of an animal." she replies earnestly "You can actually see how important one thing is with another." she grins. Uh oh get her talking about her favorite field and your in trouble. Wine glass is waves slightly as she starts to explain "See each animal has something /different/ like the herderbeast with two stomachs....."

R'ana shrugs to the Master and Fortian Rider, unawares that she had been listened to by more than those two. "I'm sure they had a dragon scored badly enough to see inside him or her at one point in time, and managed to take a look around while it was open. Of course, I wouldn't let them do that unless Buedath was asleep and numbweeded up to his top neckridge, even if he was threadscored." She pauses a second as if thinking, and then mumbles, "Oh, hush, wherrybreath... I wouldn't /actually/ let them."

Lasarah takes another sip of her juice, eyes darting around the tent, eager for all to have a good time. Conversations about healing just doesn't hold her interest . . .Ah, there. Someone who needs to be included! Setting down her glass, she sweeps (again) over towards Mayhew, a broad smile on her face. "Very pleased you could come! Herder Apprentice Lasarah! And you are?" She smiles charmingly. "Would you like some food? Or drink? Perhaps a dance?"

Trenatee lapses into welcome silence as other sections of the band get their chance to shine. Wooden flute is carefully lowered to her lap as she mental counts out the measures until she is swept away with the music once again. Eyes watch the swirling of partner dancing and the expression of energetic speakers before she raises her flute once more.

Vallen enters.

Phoenix smiles wryly. "Ikath says he'd help. Of course, the silly wherry hasn't actually been in /pain/ before, so..." she shrugs. "He is a love. I certainly wouldn't wish to have my innards examined whilst I was just-injured, but I'm not a particularly tolerant or helpful person, either." Sardonic violet eyes mutter that she wouldn't want the irritation that entails from either condition.

"Oh well." Calia grins "I don't examine while your awake anyways." she chuckles "I use stuff to put you to sleep. You wouldn't want to be put back together again wrong would you?" she teases Pheonix as she starts to loosen up from the effects of the wine. "Oh or even use live animals all the time. In class we used dead ones." boring conversation? Probably for the riders, not for Calia.

Ra'el enters.

Vallen strides into the gather tent, pausing for a moment before heading over to load a small plate with sweets. Mouth turns up just a bit as he takes in the sight of all these unescorted ladies in their finery. Hmm, this could be fun after all. He chews a redfruit tart thoughtfully, watching the dancers.

Mayhew jumps a little as the observer becomes the pounced-upon. "Um, I, ah...." Charming smile, rustly skirt, and surprise have totally unbalanced him. "No thanks for the food or dance. But, uh, I can /try/ to dance. I haven't learned yet." He refuses to admit to not being able to do anything. It just isn't /Mayhew/.

R'ana shrugs, "Speaking of my wherry-breathed lifemate, he's now calling me outside for some reason. Says I forgot to oil him on his back, and I've got the girls to tend to as well, actually. After all this time, I still haven't found anyone they like well enough..." she takes the rest of her wine with her, nodding to Ra'el as she leaves. "Don't drink, mind you... not until you've graduated, I think. That seems propper and all." And without enforcing her decree, R'ana leaves, just a little bit giggly from the wine.

R'ana leave Dance Tent.

Ra'el blinks as he watches R'ana leave, raising his hand to her as she passes, not having enough time to respond to her warning. His brows furrow, and he takes a step furthur into the tent, eyes scanning the crowd and searching for any familiar faces.

Lasarah smiles graciously. At last, someone who will at least /try/ to have fun, since she doesn't count talking about animal innards fun in the least. "Well, I'm not that good either, so I don't mind." Lasa holds out her hand, hoping that he was just being shy. Not that good really means that she hasn't any idea what to do on a dance floor. This should be interesting. "And your name? I don't think I heard it"

Trenatee hits a particularly high note with high intensity a half a beat before the rest of the harpers. Flush rising in her face she cuts of cleanly waiting for the conductors instructions of the next piece. Flute is again lowered and eyes take note of the new positions of people. It would be a good time for a slower song perhaps.

Hmmm drove a guest off. This is a bad thing. Calia's jaws clamp shut. No talking about healing or dead animals. Instead she decides something more pleasant should be said "I do like your dress Pheonix."

The jig comes to an abrupt end, and the band members all congratulate themselves on a piece well played. They take only a moment to pause. The conductor yells "Tillek's Reel" to the members of the group above the roar of the tent, and she lifts her baton to conduct the winds section: the pipes, flutes, and horns. Time for them to shine. "First verse all winds, and then the strings will join you for the choruses." Journeywoman Finiki gives them four counts, and away they go!

Phoenix makes an extravagent grimace. "Yuck. The only dead animals /I/ like to see are properly divided into steaks. I don't even like my lifemate's meals. So, what do you do besides hack up nasty critters?" And now she pours the wine. Can't be helped--it's the only way to cure thirst, drinking. "Oh, thank you," murmurs Phe, instantly shy again. Dress. She's wearing. A, Dress. "Yours is so /elegant/..."

And that makes Master blush "I hate dresses." she mutters matter of factly "I'd /much/ rather be aback a runner in trous any day." she replies and ohs "Well I enjoy making saddles and leather straps too."

Ra'el looks down at his clothing and smooths along his jacket, suddenly feeling quite underdressed for the occasion. Poor weyrling, hasn't the marks to spend on Gather wear. Not when there are expensive leathers to be bought. He moves through the tent, peering over the tops of people's heads, and still not sighting anyone that he knows.

"Mayhew of Fort Hold," announces the lad, horribly dignified. "Sorry I didn't introduce myself before." Lesse, how does one do this...."All right, what should I do first?" Dark eyes are a trifle pleading. There's no chance he can figure it out on his own, and puppy-eyes usually are the best for times such as these.

Rosemary enters.

Rosemary leave Dance Tent.

Trenatee rolls her eyes and corrects "Telgar's Reel. This responsibility fulfilled she starts off obligingly eyebrows slanting in concentration, wouldn't do to make a mistake in the section solo. Relief comes in a small dose after the daring intro is completed. Eyes still squint with concentration and foot taps harder then technically necessary betraying her still high stress level.

Simkus enters the dance tent and looks around at the people. Spotting a young dragonrider, Ra'el, he moves over to him. "Greetings, I am Herder Senior Apprentice Simkus. I am glad you made it here. Are you having a good time tonight?" Simkus speaks with a soft smile upon his face.

Rosemary enters.

"Do you?" Phoenix exclaims, delighted. "I don't usually do much with runners, but I do dislike skirts. I feel like I need to be in leather all the time." She makes a face again. "And it's all my dragon's fault, drat it. I never wore anything like leather before he came along."

"Yes." Calia replies matter of factly "Whomever invented these things had their minds messed with." Calia sighs resignedly, a grin is sent Pheonix's way "Didn't wear leathers either? What did you wear then?" she chuckles "Actually leather is very comfortable."

Lasarah smiles at the youth, secretly horrified as she realizes neither have any idea how to dance. But there's no way she can think of to get out of it now - hopefully the harpers will slow down and play something that wasn't all that difficult to fake. Glancing to the left and right, she takes in the movements of the other dancers. Okay, doesnt' look too bad . . ."Here, put your hand like so, and then move your right . . .no, your left foot like this" Lasa executes a clumsy step, but looks up to the boy, beaming. If she can't do it, at least she can fake it. A little.

Rosemary glances nervously around at all the people, wondering if anyone wil notice that she has no idea how to dance and no clue who to dance with. "hello," she whispers softly she seems amazed at all the people gathered here just to dance.

Ra'el turns from his survey of the tent as Simkus speaks. "Good eve to you as well, Herder Simkus." he gives a half bow. "My name is Ra'el, weyrling to bronze Nevath at Xanadu Weyr. Fine festivities this evening, but I fear I'm at a loss. I don't recognize anyone." the young rider frowns, once again glancing about.

Zella enters.

Simkus gives a little bow and smiles. "You now know me, and I can introduce you to some of the people here. Would you like something to drink or eat as well walk around the tent?" Simkus puts a hand out towards the tables with food and drinks.

Finiki taps herself on the head. Ahh, the mistakes of inexperience. But the musicians and conductor continue on, the baton bouncing down left right up down left right up down left right up down... in 4/4 time. Finiki bounces as well as a few of the musicians who's fingers are flying. The strings vault into the song on chorus and then play supporting half notes on the second verse, waiting their turn until the chorus comes back.

"Pants. Good ol' fashioned pants," the rider confesses amiably. "In linen or wool. And a top, of course. They were a /lot/ less expensive than leather, I can tell you! It's confortable, yes, but they get pretty nasty once you start sweating in 'em. Something you always wanted to know, eh?" Phoenix is having a nice time, commiserating.

Zella pushes aside the thick flap, blinking blearily as eyes adjust to the shaded riot of the dance tent. Her arms bunch about a profusion of crimson-splotched wherry feathers, one or two drifting to the ground every few minutes. She ambles tentatively in, fixing various strangers with confused grins. Outside, a certain green's hide grades just that one shade brighter. Oh, dear.

Trenatee relaxes slightly after the fist verse is finished with a particularly complicated little bit. Flute is kept up, but focus switches from the flightily flutes more toward the solid deeper notes of the base. Flute only doing the shill accents itself of a continues roller coaster of notes.

Ra'el glances in the direction Simkus motioned. "A drink would be lovely, thanks. At least it is not as hot as it was in previous days." Zella's entrance is noticed - ahh, at least one familiar face. He raises a hand and calls, "Good day!"

"Oh yeah. But easily shed for shorts if it's too warm." Calia replies with a grin "Course you probably don't get to wear shorts to much do you?" she questions "I mean being a fort rider and all?"

Mayhew obediently copies the step, graceful as only a great deal of skulking could have made him. "Oh. So we do the same thing but on different sides? Like this?" And he mimicks the sweeping steps of the other dancers, turning elegantly. "I hope I don't step on your feet. What do I do with my hands?"

Zella's focus darts from musicians to her feathery load to- what? Gaze fixes on Ra'el, and she meanders her way through the scattered crowd to his side. "Hullo, Nev- Ra'el. Have feathers." Succinct. She extends her arms, blinking expectantly up. They're... a gift. Lucky guy.

Simkus leads Ra'el over to the table. "Would you like a cup of fruit juice?" Simkus turns as the dragonrider walks over. "Greetings Zella. I am pleased you could make it. Would you like a glass of fruit juice as well?"

Phoenix chuckles. "When I do, it's not when I'm riding. Actually, it can get pretty warm in the summer--but it's /dry/ heat. Much better than all this," she gestures helplessly, "sticky. Doesn't it make things prone to mold?"

Rosemary looks around at the faces of the people nearest her.Then realizing she knows just about no one here she descides to walk over to the table and see if they have any fruit juice.

Lasarah nods happily. At least this boy is showing some grace, to make up for her lack. Hands? Eyes glance back to the other dancers. "Hands are like this," she demonstrates, holding one up and reaching the other towards his waist. At least at that moment, that was correct, as the dancers suddenly change position and begin to twirl each other around. Oh dear. How to do that?

Ra'el blinks in confusion, looking down at the pile of feathers. "Pardon me, Zella?" he really should recognize the signs, but...the only experience he's had is with P'tala, who is rather, um..obvious. He's also had no experience at all since he found Nevath. Ahem, distraction found at Simkus' question. "Juice, yes, thank you." he glances sidelong at the greenrider.

Calia nods at Phoenix "yep well when rooms are closed up. That's why things are so open here in the south, to let air circulate." she watches the room with interest "I remember my stay at fort I never /did/ get used to the cold.

"Telgar's Reel," writen in honor of the Lord of Telgar over three hundred turns ago, was one of the more popular organized dances. Yet over the years it became more and more informal to the point where it was considered a standard 'pick a partner and get out and boogy with whoever and whatever' dance. This seems to be what everyone on the dancefloor is doing at the moment-- hopping, skipping, jumping--reeling, even--to the quickened pace in the winds. The chorus errupts again, and then the tempo slows to where the song comes to a cheerful finality. The dancers bow to one another in some ingrained bout of formality, and then errupt in cheers for the musicians, pausing to give themselves and the Harpers a break.

Zella favors Simkus with an only-slightly-toothy grin. "A drink? Bl- Juice. Yes. Juice would be very nice." Vision blurs briefly, then snaps back into focus on the unfortunate bronzer. Oh, yes- the feathers. "/Feathers/, I said. Wherry feathers. Best kind." She stoops, plucking one up to display its redeeming qualities. Such as that speck of blood near the base. Ewww. "They're for you!" Ain't she sweet?

Simkus grabs a couple glasses and pours some fruit juice in them. Simkus holds one out to each of the dragonriders with a smile. "Here you are."

Rosemary gives a little squil as she trips and spills her fruit juice all over Simkus. "I am so so sorry! Let me clean you up a bit." She grabs a cloth and smears the fruit juice and seems to make matters worse. "Ok I think i'll just stop now."

Ra'el blinks again, tentatively taking the feather and grasping it between his fingers. Is that a flea moving? Lovely. He puts on his best fake smile and tries to keep from wrinking his nose. "Thank you, Zella.." he's a bad liar, but he hopes she doesn't catch it. Thinking for a moment, and glancing out to the dance floor, he asks, "Care to dance?" whether or not this is a good idea remains to be seen.

Lasarah sighs inwardly in relief as the music ends, but smiles broadly at the lad that so gamely attempted the dance with her. "Thank you so much, so very much! I enjoyed the dance. But I do think I need a little refreshment now." Really, she's looking for any excuse to get off the dance floor before the music starts up again. "Would you like a drink also?" She turns and sweeps again over to the refeshment table, smiling at the lad as she goes.

Simkus manages not to spill hthe glasses of fruit juice he is holding as a young lady accidently spills her juice on him. "It is ok young lady, I can get it cleaned up myself" Simkus looks over himself while waiting for the dragonriders to take thier glasses.

Mayhew bows from the waist, and says--in a perfect Uncle S'tric imitation--"My pleasure. Thank you for your hospitality." And now he squirms away.

Zella accepts the drink from Simkus, solemnly dipping the tip of a random feather- they're not hard to find; in the air, on the ground, in her hair- into the juice, then setting both down to nod at Ra'el. "Oh, yes, that'd be- oh, hold on." She steps away for a moment, setting the remainder of the feathers in a carefully fastidious pile. A random stranger gets a glare. "/Don't touch/." And back to Ra'el. "Yeah, that'd be great!" Oh, Ra'el, Ra'el, Ra'el. You don't insult the senior queen, you don't tease the watch wher, and you don't dance with the proddy green rider. Too late.

Trenatee pulls the flute from her lips with almost tangible relief, only a few notes where missed and they weren't that critical. Grin spreads as she lays the flute carefully on her chair before walking over towards the edge of the stage. Sitting then jumping the last few feet to the ground she lands with barley a thump on the packed earth. Feet fight their way towards where she had seen the refreshment table from the stage, playing is thirsty work after all.

Calia continues to watch the room and smiles at Pheonix whose grown quiet. She takes a sip of her wine content with the corner and things going on.

Ra'el is rather naive, you see? Inexperienced. Nevath has yet to chase, but he will, very, very soon. He's already finding greens and golds attractive. Just chalk this up to inexperience. "Come this way then?" he holds out his hand for her to take. One thing he knows how to do quite well, and that's dance. You don't grow up with the heirs to a major Hold and not learn how to dance.

Phoenix nods and files this away, somewhere behind the studiously blank blue-violet eyes, and sips at her wine. Quietness is something she's been practicing, and she doesn't take any pains to be sociable as the harpers quieten. Conversation is not an art much beloved by this stiff and shy young rider.

Rosemary Slowly she walks out of the tent her cheeks bright red.

Simkus sets down the second glass down and looks for something to wipe himself off with.

Lasarah looks back to see Mayhew sliding away and chuckles a little to herself. Sweet boy, he should really learn how to dance, though. Reaching for the pitcher, she pours herself another glass of redfruit juice and takes a sip, eyeing the crowd again, noticing Simkus in the corner furiously dabbing himself with a napkin. "Simmy! What happened to you? You're all . . .red!" Eyes travel up and down the bright stain on his clothing with a dismayed expression. Some host and hostess they have turned out to be - she can't dance, and it seems he can't keep presentable.

A grin at Pheonix and the commiserating Master understands perfectly. Silence is a virtue. To bad she has to teach classes. Plus all the dancers are fun to watch. So she watches and chuckles, only stating "I thought harpers were outspoken?"

Good thing, too- maybe bronzerider's skill will make up for greenrider's... distraction. Zella takes his hand- pauses, shakes it, watches as a feather wafts downward- takes his hand, nodding, and steps out onto the dance floor. Conversation is attempted. Gulp. "Have you ever seen a wherry try to fly with its legs caught in- oh, excuse me..." She stumbles over a shy weaver-lad's toes, then looks up again, grinning unapologetically. "You would think they wouldn't flutter quite so much..." Run, Ra'el, run.

Phoenix chokes, and twinkles at Calia. "You've met too many bouncy ones. I assure you, there are a few that fall into the brooding-and-unsociable group, like me. Besides, I think Ikath has it covered. He's talkative /and/ charming. All the things that I lack..."

Simkus looks at Lasarah and continues to wipe himself off. "A young lady was walking by and she tripped, spilling her juice on me." Simkus sighs. "It is coming off me, so I think I will be ok. It jsut doesn't look that good right now." Simkus shakes his hed. "After I told her it was ok I didn't see where she went." Simkus smiles a little. "How has your night gone.?"

Ra'el can't run, not now anyways. Ack. He's also too much of a gentleman to 'abandon' Zella. "Are you quite all right?" in his opinion (and having only ever seen one proddy rider) she seems a little drunk. "Are you quite certain you're all right to dance?" there's a look of concern of his face.

Trenatee pours her juice quickly and heads back with it in hand being careful of the many people who might accidentally redden her outfit. A smiles flashes as she reaches the stage again. An awkward moment passes as she scrambles onto the stage. Turning around she sits on the edge with her legs hanging over the edge. Juice is sipped slowly, something cool in this stifling tent.

Calia grins at Pheonix and laughs "perhaps so. And perhaps this is a good thing no?" she responds and murmurs "Crowds absolutely terrify me.

Lasarah takes another sip of juice and smiles wryly at his stained clothing. "Better than yours, I would say. I think most everyone is enjoying themselves, wouldn't you?" Eyes roam the tent, taking in the revelers. "Seems we've gotten a little more . . umm . . decorations," she comments, picking up one of the many feathers from the tabletop between thumb and forefinger, regarding it disdainfully. Lovely.

Phoenix shrugs. "It's mostly people that aren't my favorite. If you haven't noticed, I'm generally not a people-type person. If that makes sense." And it may not.

Drunk? No such luck. Zella flashes her best I'm-Not-Proddy-In-Fact-I'm-Feeling-Quite-Well-Thank-You beam. "Oh, I'm fine... it's really exhilerating when you've got one of 'em pinned to the ground, and it's struggling, and you just- /mmph/." She nods emphatically, dislodging a few more 'decorations'. Pray she's talking about Kyaarth. Pray really hard.

Simkus smiles and looks around the room. "Yeah, it does look like it is going well." Simkus looks at his clothing. "Hmm, I am glad I brought some extra clothes here, since I didn't want to go back to the Hall to change. Do you think I should change?" Simkus shakes his head. This is just what he needed tonight of all nights.

Ra'el isn't afraid yet, he's just highly confused. He frowns, face knotted in concern. "Have you had anything to drink? Do you feel hot?" he's afraid she's delirious, see? For proddy riders, he's expecting them to be like P'tala, blatantly flirtatious. Zella just seems a little...odd.

J'lia enters.

Seli enters.

A grin is seen as Calia replies wryly "Why do you think I'm a beasthealer?" she finishes her wine and pours another eyeing Phoenix's to see if she's interested in more. Yep the master has a skin of wine! Public announcement :)

Seli nods to the other Herders in the tent as she walks in. Her eyes glancing around the insides of the tent.

Zella doesn't do blatantly flirtatious- that comes later. For now, she's got... feathers. And wherries. Eeew. "Hot? Oh, yes, they're hot, especially when they start spurting- H'llo, J'lia!" Wave wave. Be glad she didn't get to finish her sentence. "Oh, do /I/ feel hot? Not at all. All I had to drink was some bl- juice. /Juice/. It was... fruit juice." Yes, Zella.

Seli spies something being carried by another Master, "Calia?" she asks as she walks over towards her.

A soft chiming of an ever handy triangle the harpers back to their seats, "Dragon Heights March" she announces clearly. "Base will take the Melody for the bulk of it leaving the woodwinds free for accenting. Oh and the piano, could you do the counter melody if you please." Arms swing at a fast tempo starting off the band on a run. A traditional song with a fun middle. Its always fun to see the good jiggers falter in the middle when the melody slows to a more romantic passe.

Ra'el is getting more and more confused by the minute. "Zella, I mean, do you feel feverish? Something like that?" he glances over as the name is called. Hopefully J'lia will be less oblivious to the signs of proddiness than he. Otherwise..

Lasarah shrugs. "Just take off your vest, that's the part that's spilled on. It's hot in here, anyway. You'll be more comfortable." Lasa continues to watch the strange rider out on the floor, wondering if all those feathers need to be picked up now, while the band isn't playing. Oh well, missed her chance.

Phoenix holds her glass out in mute appeal, empty cup dangling from deft fingers. "I thought it was your love of guts, though. I noticed that some people are absolutely fascinated at the thought..."

S'tric enters.

Kyndre enters.

J'lia enters with a furrow in her brow, and a petulant tugging at the fabric at her throat. "You know I can't dance," she mutters to some lurking shadow on her soul. She puts on a smile, though, at Zella's greeting. "Hiyo, Zella. How fare you and Kyaarth?"

Pouring some wine into Pheonix's glass Calia blushes "Well forgive me. I get carried away talking about my work." she replies with a faint grin and another sip of wine. Seeing Seli she brightens and waves "Hey Seli!" she dangles some wine enticingly " yes? Want some?"

Seli seems to move just the tiniest bit with the music, watching to see if anyone catches the motion. She nods to Calia, "Yes, a little." she replies.

"Not at all feverish, thanks... not like the wherry, when you start sinking your claws into all the juicy bits, and it- oh, there goes another one." Feathers fly from umber leather sleeves. Zella plucks one from the air, dusting it off fastidiously and offering it to approaching brownrider. "Fine, fine... How bout you? Have a feather. It's /pretty/." Outside, an ever-brightening green grunts in disgusted humor. Riders. Aiee.

Simkus nods and removes his vest. "Better?" Simkus takes his vest and lays it over a chair. "It looks like everyone else is busy, maybe you and I could get a dance while we have the chance?"

Kyndre follows S'tric into the dance tent and smiles, looking around quietly. "Are you meeting someone here, S'tric?"

Phoenix looks up as another person enters. First, gaze catches on J'lia--"J'li!" and then it comes to rest on the newly-arrived Fortian rider. "S'tric?" she murmurs, astonished. And a very shy smile curves at those colored lips.

Seli peers over at Zella, asking Calia quietly, "Is everything okay?" as she spies some scattered feathers.

Ra'el glances around him nearly nervously, before his gaze falls once again on Zella. "Wherry? Is Kyaarth eating?" he's starting to get it. Wait for it, waaait for it... "Oh.." though it's doubtless he figured it out entirely on his own. The bronze with the keen 'nose' for these things probably helped him come to that conclusion.

S'tric melds in with the crowd, or at least, makes an attempt at it. He hangs around in a corner, attempting to catch his favorite blue-rider's attention. He turns around at the mention of his name, and smiles. "Yes... My nephew and a friend. " As said-friend finally notices him, he makes through the crowd for her. "If you will excuse me, Kyndre... It has been a delight conversing with you. Enjoy the gather. "

Lasarah eyes Simkus with a smile. "I didn't know you danced. You do, don't you?" Better to ask after her last attempt. She'd rather have someone that will lead.

J'lia accepts Zella' with a resigned nod and a wary dart of eyes. She knows Zella to be flighty, but...a warning bell rings. "None too bad. Anuith made me come." She sounds sour yet affectionate in the reference, and turns at the sound of her name. "Hail, Fort." She waves to both S'tric and Phoenix, smiling at the other riders.

Calia glances at Seli and shrugs as she reaches for a glass to pour "Proddy I think." she comments turning to look at Zella "Been acting strange all night." well flirty but Calia isn't into accusing. She grins and offers the Benden white to Craft second "Makes for an interesting night at least."

Simkus giggles. "Of course I can dance." Simkus leaves off that hs can't dance well, but he can dance. "Do you want to join this dance, or wait for the next one?"

Kyndre waves at Ra'el, "Hello, Ra'el. Didn't think I'd be seeing you again so soon, then again.." she's made her way over to him by now, "I didn't think I'd be coming down here this soon."

Zella's eyes widen as a sudden rumbling splits the evening air. Sleeping beauty has awakened, it seems. She grins at Ra'el- "Thanks for the dance"- and pins J'lia with a Gaze-O-Steel. "My feathers are in the corner. Don't let /anybody/ touch them. /Ever/." Nodding decisively, she makes her exit. Phew.

Zella leave Dance Tent.

Ra'el watches Zella go, not able to hide the visible wash of relief that comes over him. He breathes out deeply, then glances to J'lia. "I'm sorry..I do not believe we have met. I'm Ra'el." he hears his name called and turns, lifting his hand in greeting to Kyndre. "Evening."

Seli raises an eyebrow at Calia's comment, "I guess that would answer that question." and she fills a glass with the wine, "That is true. But then dancing makes it interesting in and of itself." is said with a smile.

J'lia knows well how to play gargoyle; she nods to Zella's retreat, and then turns Ra'el's way. "J'lia," she offers by way of name. "You Xanadu, too?"

Lasarah listens to the music for a moment, feeling the beat. "This one, I think, Simmy. I don't know how much longer the harpers will be playing." She nods towards the dancefloor, offering her arm for escort.

The glass goes down on the table swiftly, and Phoenix politely excuses herself. Once conversational distance is achieved, S'tric is eyed with pleasure. "That," bubbles the rider, "is /fabulous/, Sivvie. It's just /perfect/. Mayhew is skulking...he tried dancing. A little. Catches on pretty quick. And the Gather has been nice so far. Enthusiastic folks."

Calia grins at Seli and shrugs "I wouldn't know. Haven't danced." Herder Master replies and murmurs shyly "I doubt I do."

Slows her baton to a crawling time letting almost a whole half a second pass between beats. The Harpers quickly adjust to the change, the smart ones were watching for it. Piano takes on a more highlighted position with flutes playing in the lower range of their range giving a softer color turn to the lively music.

Simkus takes up Lasarah's arm and leads her to the dance floor. once they reach the floor he get himself set and ready to dance, awaiting Lasarah to get in position. "Yes, this is a good song to dance to." Simkus smiles.

Seli chuckles at Calia, "I'd bet if the right person asked, you'd probably be willing to dance." although she would have no idea if there is a right person or not. "I've had very little time to ever worry about dancing." there was always other things more interesting.

S'tric makes a beeline towards his friend, saluting to his superior J'lia. A broad grin appears as he views his friend, and he bows swiftly, planting a feather-like kiss on Phe's hand. "My lady. You look ravishing tonight... and I thank you for both the complement, and the outfit. " His eyes sparkle, though, as he rises, and he smiles. "He danced, hm? " A moment is allowed for the proverbial chest to inflate with pride. "Takes after his uncle, he does... charming lad. But I stray. Would /you/ care to dance, Lady Phoenix? "

Keani enters.

A chuckle at Seli is seen and Calia replies "There /is/ no right person." she snorts "Nor do I intend to ever find one." she adds as an afterthought sipping her wine "I /like/ my freedom." Unlike Rinara who got poleaxed by Giarc.

Ra'el nods to J'lia. "Yes indeed. Nevath's rider, weyrling on the verge of graduation. Well met." he steps over to retrieve the juice he so recently sat aside, before looking over at the Fortian rider once again. "Would you care for a drink?"

Lasarah glances towards the harpers, wondering what happened to the quick music of just a moment ago. Stepping into position, she rests her hand on his waist, waiting for him to guide her through the steps. "I guess it will be okay, I thought I knew it, but it seems to have really slowed down."

Seli was not saying anything about freedom, "Just because you like someone doesn't mean you have to give up your freedom. It just means you have a partner in which to share your freedom." or is that what she meant by liking her freedom? Seli let's her eyes turn towards the dancers.

Phoenix blushes crimson, but does not protest. She's smiling, as well, shier than ever, and she sweeps an inexperienced curtsy. "I...certainly. Why else have harpers?" She listens to the music with a practical ear. "You'll have to teach me a bit, though, good sir, because I've never danced with a partner before." There is mischief in the tone, and her face glows.

"I belong to Anuith," says Juli with the slightest of grins. "We've been graduated a long while, though." An eye is cast toward the Xanadu rider. "A drink would be nice, actually...if that's juice you have, I wouldn't mind some of the same."

"Well...." Calia struggles for words. Hmmmm this woman always does this to her "Right see I don't /want/ to share my freedom."

Pink-clad, ruffled and rosy-cheeked, Keani trips inwards, passing beneath Penelope's arm with a bright smile upwards. "Lookee, 'nelope... music. C'n I go?" she asks, staring pleadingly at the drudge. A nod suffices, and the child skips into the crowd. Partners, anyone?

S'tric purses his lips, and begs to be excused. "I apologize, but Ysgyth is insisting that I go see something... He'll never quiet if I don't go /now/. I'll be back, I promise. " And with that, he disappears for the tent flap. No doubt Ysgyth is going to be getting quite an earful, if he isn't already.

S'tric leave Dance Tent.

Seli tries to stifle a laugh at Calia's struggle. "Well, you never know. Someone may someday show up." then a nod to Calia and the other herders. "I need to go for a while."

Simkus smiles and leads Lasarah into the dance steps, hoping he doesn't step on her feet in the process. Simkus moves them in time to the slow song, moving slowly around the dance floor. "So, while we are together, tell me what you have been doing tonight while I was talking and getting soaked." Simkus smiles.

Ra'el grins at J'lia, before stepping the few steps recqired to bring him by the refreshment table. He pours a glass of juice and swing back, handing it to her. "Well, we hope to be graduated quite soon. The word is, that all that's left is to make it official." though that particular 'word' has been floating around since halfway through weyrlinghood. They're a hopeful bunch.

The Harpers carry on at the hypnotically slow pace that leads to couple dancing. This song was originally two pieces of songs written by a harper journeyman that where found and put together into this interesting little tune after his death. Flutes take up a quick little run before settling back down into the swaying beat, have to keep the listeners on their toes after all.

Seli leave Dance Tent.

Phoenix frowns and follows, trailing copper train dreamily. She does abscond with the wine-cup, but the lady takes no more than a moment before vanishing.

Calia nods in distraction as Seli leaves her foot tapping on the floor as she watches the dancers. Hmmm seems she can't help but tap anyway.

Phoenix leave Dance Tent.

J'lia takes the glass, sniffs the rim in a carelessly habitual gesture, and sips. "Know how that goes...they'll drop it on you soon enough, unless they're having trouble deciding upon a few weyrlings' ability to go on into full riderhood."

Unfamiliar face... /another/ unfamiliar face; Keani's lack of recognition stems from a certain lack of recall. With all the illumination of a tub of glows (figuratively or literally, one may pick...), a familiar face is spotted and skipped towards. Ra'el, beware; a child lacking tact descends.

Lasarah relaxes a little as he moves her around the floor, beginning to get the hang of this dance thing, at least when it's slow. "Just making sure people were joining in, getting refeshments and such." She looks around the tent, gratified at the crowd. "Seems a lot of people came, and they are having a good time. And you were so worried!" she gives him a little smile, then stumbles against his foot, catching herself again. "Seems I can't dance and talk at the same time," she mutters.

Kyndre has disconnected.

Ra'el nods in agreement, slipping one hand into his pocket and standing more casually. "I must say that I am looking forward to the freedom, as well as moving out on my own. The barracks are comfortable and all, but I have found myself getting restless, as has Nevath." he turns, somehow spotting the short figure through the crowd, and recongizing her face immediately. "Ahh, Lady Keani, it has been some time. Are you well?"

Keani wrinkles her nose; even at a young age, the title sits less-than-well with childish sensitivities. True, the pampering, petting and preferential treatment is gratefully accepted... the titles, however are not. Evasion of responsibility at its peak. "Ra'el!" she calls cheerfully, bounding over in a fluff of flower-scented frills, "I's fine. You?" The last is accompanied by an unconsciously coquettish look up at the 'rider through thick eyelashes. If her father could just see her...

Simkus smiles. "Ok, we will jsut dance and not speak." Simkus leads Lasarah around the floor, slowly turning her around, enjoying the music, and the dance.

"You'll like having a whole weyr to yourself," the brownrider notes over her juice. "All the privacy you like, and no one minds if you keep the glows uncovered late into the night reading." J'lia chuckles at Keani's entrance, though stays otherwise silent.

Ra'el has a habit of calling any as young as Keani 'lady'. Only recently has he stopped calling all women 'lady' as he got many negative reactions. So it has less to do with her actual title than his overly polite manners. "You look lovely. And you've grown too! How old are you now?" then attention returns to J'lia. "Oh yes, the privacy will be most welcome. As well as being in a place with more freely circulating air in the summertime. Being in a room covered in furs, seperated by heavy curtains with no windows does not make for comfortable sleeping at this time of year." he cringes slightly. "Most uncomfortable, though Nevath cannot understand why it's unpleasant."

Keani beams. Gentlemanly behavior... it's such a plus. "I'm /four/," she replies, holding up the requisite number of digits after a moment's thought and a minor correction. "An' Mama says I'm bigger, too." Grownup conversation flows (literally) over her poufy hat while the child beams upwards, gaze landing upon the woman. "I's Keani. Who you?" Blunt... but it works.

Flutes trill and the tempo rises briefly again before the tune ends with a thrilling series of chords whose harmonies linger after the last note is played. Conductor takes her bows and turns to address the crowd. "We have greatly enjoyed playing here at this gather and thank you all for coming. Apprentices Simkus and Lasarah have assured me that all are welcome to stay as long as you wish, but the music, unfortunatly, will now be ending." Another bow is made to the audience, and then the musicians turn to pack their instruments.

J'lia would probably be one of the negative reactions to such a formality as 'lady'. "I'm J'lia," she offers to Keani. "I tend to insist that most call me Juli, though...whatever you like. That's a nice hat." She looks in admiration before nodding Ra'el's way. "Hmm...yeah. Wasn't quite such a problem over at Fort, at least not so much of the Turn. Fort has cooler weather, on average, and even summer wasn't so bad. Our barracks are a cavern, too, so that would be more comfortable."

"Well, you are growing up quite finely, Keani. Next time I see you, you'll probably be as tall as me." Rae winks at the young girl. "Are you here to dance, or just to listen to the music?" then back to J'lia once again. "Oh, ours is a cavern as well, but air still does not circulate as freely. It was certainly a plus during the winter, with the damp and all, but now is less pleasant."

Lasarah steps back from Simkus as the music ends, a demure smile on her face. "Thank you for the dance, Simkus," she says rather formally, with a slight bow of the head. "I had no idea that you were a dancer." She turns and waits for him to walk her off the dance floor again, although none of the other dancers seem to be displaying that much formality. Oh well, the host and hostess /should/ be setting the tone.

Simkus bows his head slightly towards Lasarah, takeing her arm and leads her off the dance floor. "I can dance, as long as it is slow like that. speed it up and I am in trouble." Simkus smiles. "Well, now that the music is over what do we do?"

Sympathetic nod; "Well, it'll get better once you've graduated. Unless you should have the fortune--or lack thereof, as some might view it--for Nevath to catch a queen, and then you have a hot and sticky stint on the sands." J'lia saw that knot. To Keani; "Piffle. No one's too small. No doubt Ra'el would love to dance with you." She keeps a straight face.

Ra'el nods somewhat reluctantly to J'lia's words. Don't talk to him about flights, and more specifically - queen flights. He's apprehensive about them in general. "Ahh, yes. Though I think I am several Turns away from that possibility." he looks down at Keani and grins. "You are never too small, dear."

Lasarah tilts her head towards him. "Mingle, of course. The gracious hostess hasn't finished her job until the last guest has left." Seems she's been reading some ettiquette books in preparation for this event - and memorizing them, too. Eyes cover the room once again, deciding who she should grace with her presence now.

Simkus nods. "Ok, so who do we go mingle with first?" Simkus removes his arm from Lasarah's, gently.

Calia finishes her wine and starts towards the door along the side of the tent. Master sneaking out? Yep even with the wine skin in hand.

Keani beams upwards, nodding vehemently and setting curls a-bounce. "'kay. I go tell 'nelope, right?" The query, more of a statement, is uttered in a quick garble as the child bounces off in search of the drudge, now a nanny.

Keani leave Dance Tent.

Calia leave Dance Tent.

J'lia chuckles dryly. "Don't be so sure, Ra'el. My Anuith caught young Tanrhith on her maiden flight...they were clutchmates. Hard to predict these things." She grins as Keani departs. "What a darling girl."

Kassanna enters.

Don't tell Rae that. He's happy in his nice little sheltered world. "Well, Nevath is young, and, uh..there are many more experienced dragons.." Faranth help him the first time Nevath /does/ catch. Poor Holder.

Lasarah stands on the edge of the rider conversation, not wanting to interrupt, but feeling somewhat negligent just standing there. "Darling girl, yes." she adds, with a smile. About all a herdergirl could add to a conversation about dragon flights . . .

Simkus nods in agreement, but doesn't speak up yet.

Kassanna glances around nervously and moves towards one of the tables at the back.

Amused smirk. "Think as you will. Just don't be too surprised if you do get...lucky?" J'lia will leave Ra'el alone now, though, on that subject. She's not cruel. Instead, she greets Lasarah. "Hello. You know the girl, too?" She's beginning to feel deprived.

Kassanna leave Dance Tent.

Ra'el will be utterly shocked if it does happen, but for now, he manages a nod. "Warning taken.." he looks down into his juice and sips it, then back up at J'lia. Time for a change of subject. "I haven't had the opportunity to dance this evening. Would you care to?"

Lasarah beams back at J'lia, glad her comment was noticed. "Keani? Well, yes, um, not really," she amends. "Ive spoken to her a few times at hatchings and such. I've always thought she was quite sweet, though." Sincerity shines through these words, as she really does enjoy the kidlets she has spoken to. "It seems you know her well."

Mira'i enters.

J'lia has since set her juice aside, the contents having amply wet her whistle. "Dance?" She sounds surprised. "I...well, I warn that I'm none too good at it. I hope those are good boots." Wry grin, then a shake of head for Lasarah. "I only just met her."

Mira'i enters the tent, slightly timidly, and looks around. Catching sight of Ra'el, she waves to him, before moving towards the table of drinks, to pour a glass of juice for herself. She looks around and starts to snatch for sweets like a starving child, before she sighs, and takes a redfruit. She looks around, waving slightly to the other people she recognizes and remembers.

Simkus smiles. "I need to be heading back to the hall Lasarah, would you care to accompany me?"

"J'lia, I have learned that one does not need to be an excellent dancer to enjoy a dance." Rae offers his hand to her, spotting Mira'i as he turns to head towards the dance floor. He waves to his fellow weyrling. "Evening!"

Lasarah stifles a yawn, nodding to Simkus. It's been a long day with much preparation, and getting out of these fancy gather clothes and into bed sounds exactly like what she would like to do. "Yes, I think it's time I head home. It's only the first day of the gather - we have some big days ahead of us." She waves a little goodbye to the remaining partyers. "Please feel free to stay as long as you like, and we thank you so much for coming tonight." Always the hostess, till the end, it seems. That having been said, she turns to the tent door, heading home.

Lasarah leave Dance Tent.

Simkus leave Dance Tent.