This is the home page for Herder Journeyman Simkus. Simkus is currently on a leave from the Herder Hall. It is not known when he will return.
  • Simkus's Description
  • Simkus's History
  • Simkus's Brown Firelizard Lorien's Description and History
  • Simkus's Brown Firelizard Zedd's Description and History
  • Simkus's friends and family
  • A picture of Simkus.
  • The log of Lasarah and Simkus getting promoted.
  • A log of Simkus being sold at an auction.
  • Swords that I own.
  • More.
  • Check out now the logs for the gather put on by Herder Hall Senior Apprentices Lasarah and Simkus. The events were:
  • Dance,
  • Sand Castle Building,
  • Runner Race,
  • Slave Auction.

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