PP-7541 Her Lessons After School by Ray Walker


Chapter 1


"I think you know why I wanted to see you after class, Stewart," Susan said to the boy standing in front of her desk.


"No, I don't."


"Well, you should," Susan said. "You're not stupid at all. And that's why it bothers me so much that you're doing so poorly. You can do so much better. All this term, though, you've done no work at all."


"Ah, Miss Lancaster, I ain't interested in math. I don't need to know that shit!"


"I'll thank you to keep your rude language out of my classroom, Stewart," Susan said sharply to her young student. "And if you think that what you study here in school has no value, you're greatly mistaken. There's a whole world you haven't seen yet, and if you want to function in that world, there are certain things you have to learn, whether you want to learn them or not. That's the whole point of school."


"But I got better things to do," Stewart said.


"Oh? Well, I think it's high time you rearranged your priorities."


Susan had a pretty good idea what the better things were that Stewart was talking about. All Stewart ever thought about was sex, just like every other boy. For Stewart, the only good thing about school was the girls he met there. Seeing Stewart all by himself, standing right in front of her desk, was a pretty rare thing for Susan. Usually when she saw him he was with some girl.


Of course, she noticed things like that. After all, Stewart's girlfriends weren't the only ones attracted to him. She couldn't fail to notice how attractive he was, too. She was human, and being a woman didn't mean that she had any less of an interest in sex than a man did. She'd noticed Stewart with those girls, and if she was honest with herself, she had to admit that she was a bit jealous. She'd been attracted to Stewart the very first time she had seen him. As a matter of fact, it was all she could do right now to keep looking into Stewart's eyes and not look farther down his body.


It turned her on to see the bulge in Stewart's pants and to know that it was Stewart's cock and balls that were making the bulge. She couldn't let herself look down there right now, though. She had serious things to discuss with Stewart.


"Now there's a very important test tomorrow as I'm sure you know," Susan said. "I suggest that you go straight home and start to study. You'll probably have to study most of the night, but I think that you just might be able to pass that test tomorrow if you work hard."


"Ah, Miss Lancaster, I can't study tonight," Stewart said. "I got something else going on tonight."


"Is that so? Well, then, it's up to you. Either you have your fun some other night, or you flunk."


"But you can't flunk me, Miss Lancaster!"


"Of course I can, Stewart," Susan said evenly, looking straight into Stewart's eyes. "And I will, if I have to. That's my job."


"But isn't there anything I can do so you wouldn't flunk me?"


"What a ridiculous question. Of course there is. Simply do your work, like you're supposed to."


"No, I mean, isn't there something else I can do? Something I can do for you? Something I can show you?" Stewart was still looking into Susan's eyes. And Stewart was rubbing his crotch. And the bulge there was even bigger now, since his cock was stiff.


Of course, Susan could see that because she was staring at Stewart's crotch. And seeing his stiff cock, seeing the way that Stewart was rubbing and kneading it was turning her on.


"Don't touch yourself like that, Stewart!"


"Why not?" Stewart laughed. "It feels good. Mmm, it feels nice to rub my big hard cock! Mmm! Do you see how hard it is? Do you see how big and fucking hard my big cock is, Miss Lancaster? You see how big and hard this cock is? Yeah, you see. And that's 'cause you can't take your fucking eyes off of it. I mean, ain't this what you been waiting to see, my big cock as hard as a rock? Maybe I don't know nothing about math, but I ain't that stupid. I've seen you drooling over my crotch. I've seen you eyeballing my big prick whenever you got the fucking chance, just like every other hot-to-trot chick in this school. And I know that what you wanted the most was to see how this kid measures up. Well take a good look. You ain't going to find another cock in this school as big as mine."


"If you think that I'm interested in you in any way like that, Stewart, you're greatly mistaken," Susan said. "Now I said stop touching yourself like that."


Susan didn't really want Stewart to stop. It was just that, if he kept doing it, she didn't know what she might do. The longer he kept rubbing his big cock, the more turned on she got. Just watching the boy rubbing his crotch got her nipples hard and made her tight pussy get wetter and wetter.


"Okay, I'll stop," Stewart said. He was grinning. He stopped rubbing his crotch. His stiff cock was straining against the fabric of his pants. "Because I know you'd rather touch it yourself. Oh, yeah, I know you would, Miss Lancaster. You don't fool me. Come on, come over here and get a good feel of it. Come on, we're all alone in here, no one can see us. Come on."


She knew she shouldn't. She should just tell Stewart to leave. She was just asking for trouble, if she did what Stewart told her to do. But Susan couldn't help herself. She was just too turned on.


Susan got out of her chair and went around her desk to Stewart. And in just a few more seconds, her hand was rubbing at Stewart's crotch, feeling his long stiff cock, feeling his big balls.


It got her hot to touch Stewart like that. His stiff cock may have been in his pants, but Susan could still feel how big and hard it was. Though she would have liked it even better if she could have taken the hard cock out of Stewart's pants and gotten her hand right around the long fat prick-shaft.


"Oh, yeah, that feels good, Miss Lancaster!" Stewart murmured as he stood there looking down at himself, watching the horny woman play with his crotch. "That feels really nice! Don't be ashamed, all the chicks get hot over my big hard cock. Rub that thing! Play with that big fat prick!"


"Oh, Stewart, it's nice and big!" Susan moaned. By now, she'd lost all control.


"You said it, Miss Lancaster. It's nice and big. And hard, too."


"How big is it?" Susan asked.


"Well, let's just say that maybe I can't count to twenty, but I can sure count to ten. You're looking at ten big inches, honey. Ten big fat inches of beautiful hard cock!"


"Oh, God!" Susan moaned again. She kept on rubbing his big hard cock, getting more and more excited.


"You want to see for yourself?" Stewart asked. "Go ahead, take it out. Pull my drawers down and yank it out. Go ahead, honey. I know you're just itching to do that. I know you want to get a good look at that big piece of meat. Fuck, I can see you wetting yourself. That hot little pussy of yours must really be dripping now, because I can see you're getting all wet between your legs. Go ahead, take my drawers down and give yourself a treat."


Susan just couldn't help herself. She was too turned on. She fell to her knees in front of Stewart, grabbed his pants and pulled them down. Stewart had big strong legs. That was natural, since he was one of the school's best athletes. It was Stewart's cock that Susan couldn't stop staring at, though. What a beautiful cock! And it turned Susan on just as much to see the two big balls below that long hard prick.


"Oh, Stewart, that's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen!" Susan moaned.


"I wouldn't be surprised," the boy said. "Why don't you grab it and feel how hard it is? Go ahead, wrap your fingers around it and see how big and fat and hard it is. Go ahead!"


In a second, Susan had her fingers wrapped around his long stiff prick. It got her even hotter to be holding onto the big beautiful piece of meat. His hard cock was so hot in her hand. It was fat and hard and beautiful.


"Oh, baby, you are some stud! I'm getting so hot feeling this beautiful hard piece of meat!" Susan moaned.


"What about those balls?" Stewart asked. "Don't you like my big balls too? Why don't you get a good feel of them too? Go ahead and grab those balls and see how nice and big they are. Grab my sac and yank away all you like."


In a second, Susan had the boy's hairy balls in her hand and was pulling and yanking on his sac, squeezing and playing with his balls.


"You got balls, baby!" Susan moaned. "You really got a nice set of beautiful balls! I bet your balls make a lot of hot spunk!"


"That's right," Stewart said. "Lots and lots of it. That's why they're so big honey, 'cause this kid works them hard. You shoot as many loads as I do, you got to keep your balls working overtime. Fuck, I got a big wad in there right now. You want to see it shooting out of my big fat cock, though, you're going to have to do something about it. Hey, I know! You got that cock-crazy tongue of yours hanging out of your fucking mouth, why don't you use that? Yeah, let's see you lick my big hard cock. Let's see your little wet tongue slipping and sliding all over my big fat prick. That's what you want, isn't it? Aren't you dying to get a taste of my big cock? Well, then, go ahead. Start licking, honey! Let's see you licking away at that big long prick. Let's see you get the whole fucking thing nice and wet and slippery."


Susan grabbed his stiff cock, then out of her hungry mouth came her wet tongue, and she began to lick his big prick. Over and over his rock-hard, sex-hot prick she drew her tongue, licking and lapping and washing and scrubbing, over and over, till his cock was all wet and glistening with her slobber. The longer she licked it, the hotter Susan got. The stiff cock tasted so good to her. She was kissing and licking and nibbling on the beautiful piece of meat, and getting more and more excited.


There was no danger of her doing any damage to his stiff cock when she bit it and nibbled on it, though. And when she licked his swollen cock-head with her hungry tongue, didn't she get a taste of his sticky spunk? That meant that Stewart was getting turned on by the way she was licking and tonguing his cock. If she kept it up, a lot more jism than that one drop would come out of his pisshole. And Stewart was stroking her hair, showing her how much he liked the feel of her wet tongue on his big cock.


"Oh, yeah, honey, taste that big cock!" Stewart gasped. He stood there looking down at the woman who was licking his cock so hungrily. "Get a good taste, suck that big fuck-stick and get it all wet and slippery! Mmm, that feels so good! You're having a good time too, ain't you, baby? That big cock tastes good, don't it? You really like licking that big piece of meat, don't you?"


"Oh, baby, this is good cock, this is really good cock!" Susan moaned.


She was rubbing her face against his cock, just like a cat rubs its back up against the legs of its owner. She was getting spit all over her face. She was really turned on by his long cock.


"I want you to shoot your load, Stewart! I want to see your hot spunk shooting from this big beautiful cock!"


"You can do even better than that," Stewart said. "You can get my big load right down your fucking throat. All you have to do is open up real wide so I can stick my big cock right in your fucking mouth, and then all you have to do is suck on it and keep sucking on it until I shoot my big wad. Then you can eat every fucking drop of my creamy jism. Come on, honey, open wide! Open up real wide, 'cause this is one big prick. Come on!"


Susan did what Stewart told her to do, opening her mouth wide. And in just a second, the boy's stiff cock was in her mouth. Having his long cock in her mouth turned Susan on even more than licking it. And when she started to suck on his fat prick, there wasn't any way she was going to slow down.


Fast as she could, Susan sucked on his long stiff cock, swallowing the delicious prick again and again, her hungry lips reaching desperately for the boy's cock-hair. She wanted to have the whole thing in her mouth, every big hard inch. His spit-slick cock was wetter than ever now. In and out of Susan's mouth the long cock went. In and out and in and out.


"Oh, yeah, baby, suck that thing! Suck my big fat cock!" young Stewart groaned. "Suck that cock and get it all fucking wet! Oh, God that feels so good! It feels so good to have you slurping and sucking on my hard cock! Come on, honey, you can get the whole fucking thing in your mouth if you really try! You just got to try harder! Try harder and get the whole fucking thing in your mouth and get it all wet!"


Susan was trying hard to get his whole cock in her mouth. Again and again she swallowed the spit-slippery prick, working as fast as she could. She wanted to have the whole thing in her mouth. It would turn her on even more to deep-throat the whole thing. And the longer she sucked on Stewart's stiff cock, the sooner the horny boy would shoot his load. She wanted Stewart to fire his load right into her mouth so she could swallow down his creamy jizz and eat every drop.


And that was going to happen pretty soon.


Stewart grabbed her by the hair and was holding on tight. So tight that he was hurting Susan. But the rough treatment just turned Susan on even more. And so did the way Stewart started to fuck her face with his fat cock. He was ramming his stiff cock into her mouth as hard and as deep as he could, again and again, making her choke and gag on the big fuck-tool. Susan loved it all.


"Fuck, I'd like to ram my big cock right down your fucking throat, you cock-sucking bitch!" Stewart gasped, "Oh, man, I'd like to fucking choke you with this big cock! Come on, I want every inch down your fucking throat! I want every big fat inch right in your fucking mouth 'cause I know how much you love your cock, and right now you've got the biggest, tastiest piece of prick you're ever going to taste! Oh, Ooh, here it comes, I'm going to shoot my wad now and it's going to go right down your fucking throat!"


Stewart kept slamming his fat cock into Susan's hungry mouth, again and again and again. And now Susan was getting more than just a taste of his stiff prick. Stewart was shooting his wad. Gob after gob of hot spunk was spurting into Susan's mouth, and she was swallowing it all down. It was a big load that Stewart was shooting. Even after Susan had eaten every creamy drop of it, though, she was still hungry for more. She was willing to keep sucking on his big beautiful cock and wait for the next big load, if only Stewart hadn't pulled his big stiff cock out of her mouth.


"Sorry, honey, that's all for now." Stewart laughed. "You sucked me dry. Fuck, you are one great hose-artist. That was great. We ought to do this again sometime."


"Oh, baby, I want you to fuck me now! I want you to put that big beautiful cock in my pussy and fuck me hard!" Susan moaned.


Stewart may have just gotten his rocks off, but the young teacher was still hot. She wanted to feel his big hard cock in her cunt. She needed that big cock bad.


"What? Are you crazy?" Stewart laughed again as he put his big cock back in his pants. He could see that he had Susan totally under his thumb. "We can't do it here! What if somebody came in here and saw us? Anyway, you're already in pretty big trouble as it is, molesting me like that. You're lucky that nobody came in and saw you sucking on my cock, you horny boy-sucker!"


"I want you to fuck me, Stewart," Susan said. "I want to feel your cock inside my pussy so bad."


Susan knew that she was asking for trouble. She was lucky that nobody had come in when she was sucking on Stewart's big cock. If there's anything that can make a person throw all caution to the winds, though, it's a sexual urge. And all Susan had on her mind now was the handsome boy's big beautiful cock.


"Well, I can understand that, Miss Lancaster," the boy said. "Every chick wants me to fuck her. It's going to have to wait, though. Like I said, I got a pretty busy night tonight. Lots of pussies to fuck. Tell you what, though, I think I can fit you in tomorrow night. Yeah, I can fit my big hard cock in your tight little cunt tomorrow night. Why don't you come over to my place tomorrow night, say around eight. My dad's going to be out, so we'll have lots of time to fuck and suck. Here's my address and my phone number. You can call me in case you can't make it. I think you're going to be there, though, 'cause I haven't met a chick yet who's passed up the chance to get fucked crazy by my big hard prick."


Stewart took a pen and a piece of paper off of Susan's desk, then handed her the paper with his address and phone number on it.


"Don't forget the test tomorrow, Stewart," Susan said weakly. "I expect you to be in class."


"Damn, that's right," Stewart said. "That fucking test. Hmm. Gee, Miss Lancaster, I'm going to try to make it, but I just don't know. I mean, you know how it is. You spend all night fucking pussy, you're bound to feel a little tired the next day. I'll do my best though. Oh, and one more thing, Miss Lancaster."


"What is it, Stewart?"


"Have a nice day, okay?"


With a grin on his face, the boy turned around and left the classroom.


Chapter 2


She was making a big mistake, Susan thought to herself the next evening as she pulled up in front of Stewart's house. It was around eight. She should have called Stewart and told him that she couldn't make it. She shouldn't get involved with one of her students. Stewart was just too young. The horny boy really knew how to use his cock, but if anybody found out what was going on, she would be in big trouble.


She wouldn't go inside after all. That was Susan's plan as she knocked on the front door. She'd just tell Stewart that it was all wrong, then she'd leave.


At last the door opened. There was Stewart. He had a smile on his face. He looked very pleased to see Susan.


"There you are. Right on time too. You're looking hot, Susan. Come on in."


"I can't, Stewart." It was very nice of Stewart to compliment her. And she had to admit that Stewart looked very handsome. She just couldn't go inside, though.


"What do you mean, you can't?" Stewart laughed. "Sure you can. Why else did you come over? We're going to have a hot night. Come on."


"No, Stewart, I just--"


"I said come on in!"


Stewart went back Into the house, then he shut the door. Susan wasn't standing on the front porch anymore, though. She was inside the house too. How could she have gone back to her car, when Stewart had grabbed her arm and pulled her inside?


"How about a drink?" Stewart asked as he led her into the livingroom.


"No, thank you. And you shouldn't have one either. You're too young."


"Too young?" Stewart laughed. "Hey, I get whatever I want. Now why don't you sit down on the sofa?"


Stewart poured himself a drink, then sat beside Susan on the sofa.


"Sorry I couldn't make it to class today, Susan," Stewart said. "Like I told you yesterday, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it. That was some night last night. And I missed that big test, didn't I? Damn, I hope that doesn't mean that I still can't get that A."


"You won't be getting any A," Susan said angrily. "What you'll be getting is a big fat F. You have a lot of nerve, thinking that you can get me to do whatever you please. And don't call me Susan! You'll address me in a way that is appropriate to the relationship between us!"


"Oh, yeah? Okay, I won't call you Susan anymore. I'll call you Susie. I mean, isn't that what I should call you? Don't we have a thing for each other? I thought you dig me as much as I dig you. I thought you really had a great time sucking on my big hard cock yesterday. Well, now it's my turn to cop a feel, Susie. Man, you've got a nice pair of big tits. Let's get a feel of those suckers!"


Stewart reached out and grabbed Susan's big tits, one in each hand. He was playing with the young woman's tits, rubbing them and squeezing them.


At first Susan tried to stop Stewart. But then she gave in. She just couldn't help it. It felt too good, the way the boy was working over her big tits with his hands.


"Don't fight it, Susie," Stewart murmured. "Don't fight that feeling. I know how much you like getting your big tits played with. Let me turn you on, honey. Let me get you hot. I know how to get a chick really hot."


"Oh, baby, you've got hot hands!" Susan moaned. "I love the way you play with my tits! Keep doing it!"


"Whatever you want, baby. All I want to do is turn you on. And I bet I can turn you on even more if I get these nice big tits out of your blouse."


Stewart stopped playing with Susan's tits. That was just so he could take off her blouse and bra, though. He threw the clothes on the floor, and in a few seconds, he had Susan's tits in his hands again.


Stewart kept on squeezing her bare tits, rubbing them and stroking them. He was rubbing her hard nipples with his fingers, pinching them and pulling on them. He knew it would really drive Susan wild.


"Oh, honey, play with my tits!" Susan moaned. "Squeeze my big tits!"


"I'm going to do even better than that," Stewart said. "I'm going to turn you on even more. I'm going to suck on those nice big tits. Man, it's going to be nice licking and sucking your beautiful nipples!"


Stewart started to suck on one of Susan's fat tits. He had that hard nipple in his mouth and he was sucking away, licking and chewing on it. His wet tongue was roaming all over her big tit, licking and lapping. Before too long her beautiful bare tit was all wet from Stewart's licking. Susan was stroking the horny boy's head, showing him how much she liked the way he was working over her tit. And when he finished with one of her tits, Stewart started on the other one, sucking and licking the hard nipple, tonguing the whole big tit till it was all wet and glistening.


"You've got a hot mouth, Stewart!" Susan moaned. "You really know how to turn me on!"


"Yeah, I can tell you're getting hot!" Stewart panted. "I've got my hand right between your legs and it's pretty wet down there, honey. Your hairy cunt is getting juicier and juicier. You want it now, honey? You want my big hard cock in your pussy now? You want me to put my long prick right in your tight little cunt and fuck you good now?"


"Oh, yes!" Susan moaned. She was nearly going out of her mind. "I need you to fuck me now! I need that big beautiful cock in my cunt now! I've been waiting since yesterday, and I can't wait anymore!"


Susan could tell that Stewart was ready for some hard fucking. She had her hand between his legs and she could feel his big stiff prick in his pants.


"Let's fuck then!" Stewart gasped. "Let's me and you fuck and fuck and fuck. Let's go to my bedroom so I can spread you wide on my bed and put my big cock right up your slick little pussy and fuck you all night long. I've got ten hard inches for you, baby!"


"No, I want you to fuck me right here. I want you to fuck me right here on the floor!"


Susan couldn't wait. She had to have Stewart's big cock in her pussy. Quickly, Susan was on the floor on her back, trying to get the rest of her clothes off.


"Let me help you, baby. Let's get you naked so I can fuck you."


Stewart started to take Susan's clothes off. Before too long he had all of them off. She lay on the floor, completely nude. Her big beautiful tits were still wet. She'd drawn her legs up and swung her knees wide and was playing with her juicy cunt, trying to get Stewart to put his hard cock in her.


"Come on, honey, whip it out and shove it in!" Susan gasped. "Take that big beautiful cock out and shove it right up my wet little fuckhole! I want to feel that hot piece of prick coming into my pussy! I want every big inch! Hurry, I can't wait much longer!"


"You'll get your cock, don't you worry," Stewart said. "I just want to get a good look at you before I fuck you. Man, you are one hot piece of ass. You look good enough to eat. Fuck, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to eat your pussy and have a little snack. I'm going to shove my face right in your cunt and really tongue you good. I bet your pussy tastes good."


In a second, the boy was on the floor with Susan. And in another second he had his face right between her legs and was eating out her cunt. Over and over her curly thatch of cunthairs Stewart drew his hungry tongue, licking and lapping, till it was all wet and glistening.


Stewart was sucking and chewing on her clit, getting Susan hotter the longer he worked it over with his tongue and teeth. Stewart was eating her cunt as fast as he could.


And it tasted pretty good when he stuck his tongue right into Susan's pussy. Her cunt was hot and wet and juicy. Stewart's hungry tongue probed deep into her slick pussy, as deep as the horny boy could stick it. And the longer he sucked and licked Susan's pussy, the more turned on Susan got. She grabbed the boy's hair and held on tight, pushing his face into her snatch, wanting him to get his tongue even deeper into her wet fuck-hole.


"That's right, baby, eat that cunt!" Susan groaned. "Eat me right out! Get your tongue right in there and work it around! Suck up those juices! Leave some for that big cock of yours, though, 'cause I want that fat prick to go in nice and easy! Oh, God, Stewart, I need you to fuck me now! I want you to put your big cock right in my cunt!"


"You've got it, baby. I'm going to fuck you. You're not going to have long to wait."


Stewart got up and started to take his clothes off. His face was covered with the juices from Susan's wet cunt. Pretty soon Stewart was completely nude, just like Susan. His stiff cock was standing high between his legs. The boy was ready to fuck.


"Fuck me now, Stewart!" Susan gasped. "Fuck me now! Shove your cock up my cunt!"


"Here it comes, baby!"


The boy got on top of Susan. Then his long cock was sinking into her juicy pussy, stretching the tight slit wide as it slid deeper and deeper into her fuck-hole.


"Oh, yeah, that feels so good!" Susan moaned. "Give me another inch of that big cock! Warm my cunt up with your hot cock! Come on, give me another fat inch!"


"You've got it all now bitch!" Stewart groaned. "You've got every last fucking inch rammed right up your pussy. Ten big inches right up your juicy cunt, honey! Your pussy is nice and hot and wet. I'm going to love fucking your tight cunt. Hold on, baby, 'cause I'm going to give you a ride like you've never had before. I'm going to fuck this pussy like crazy!"


Stewart started to fuck Susan there on the floor. In and out of her slippery cunt he fucked his big cock, ramming every fat inch of his stiff prick right into Susan's wet pussy. He was giving Susan a rough ride. But Susan loved it.


She shut her eyes, loving the feel of his hard prick fucking so deep into her cunt. She was scratching Stewart's back with her fingernails. Then she grabbed the boy's bare ass and helped him fuck his stiff cock even harder into her tight cunt. She wanted Stewart to keep on fucking her forever.


"That's right, baby, fuck me!" Susan cried. "Come on, stud, fuck me harder! Fuck me with that big beautiful prick. Oh, God, that feels so good! I want you to ram that big cock right out of my asshole!"


"You ain't felt nothing yet, baby!" Stewart panted. "Just you wait till I shoot my big load, then I'm really going to fuck you. As a matter of fact, you're not going to have to wait any longer, 'cause I'm shooting my wad now. I'm going to fuck you good."


Stewart couldn't have fucked Susan any harder than he was. Again and again he fucked his long cock into Susan's tight pussy, making the nude young woman cry out with pleasure whenever he slammed his stiff prick back into her hairy cunt.


Then hot jizz was spurting from his hard cock and shooting deep into her slippery cunt. It was a big load. And Stewart didn't stop fucking Susan till every drop of his creamy jism had shot into her juicy fuck-hole. When Stewart finally pulled his big cock from Susan's cunt, though, Susan wished that the wad had been even bigger, so Stewart could have kept that hard cock in her pussy and kept on fucking her. Nothing felt better to her than a stiff prick jammed into her tight cunt.


"Great action! That's a wrap!"


Susan opened her eyes. It wasn't Stewart who'd spoken. It was one of the two men standing there looking at her and Stewart. They were both young men, boys the same age as Stewart. And she recognized one of the boys from school.


Susan was very confused. Who were the boys? she wondered. And what were they doing here? And why did one of those boys have a video camera? And why did he have it trained on her and Stewart?


"What are you doing here?" Susan asked. "Who are you? And don't point that camera at me! Stop it!"


"It's all right, Pete," Stewart said to the boy who was holding the camera. All three of the boys were grinning. "I think we've got enough. So how did you like my performance? I really fucked her good, didn't I?"


"You sure did, Stew!" Pete laughed. "You were really giving it to her."


"Do you know these boys?" Susan asked Stewart. She was very angry.


"Sure I do," Stewart said. "These are two of my buddies. That's Pete and that's Larry. Damn, did I forget to introduce you? Sorry about that. I guess I forgot they were even here. See, they were waiting in the bedroom, but you were so fucking horny that you wanted me to fuck you right here in the living room. They must have heard us fucking and sucking, though, because they came out here and didn't miss a thing. Got it all on videotape. Didn't I tell you that I was really into photography, Susie? Me and my buddies like to film each other. I'd do it myself, but it's kind of hard to hold onto a camera when you've got your cock in a girl's pussy and you're fucking her."


"You film things like that?" Susan asked. She couldn't believe her ears.


"Sure," Stewart said. "What else am I supposed to use that camera for? I got it for my birthday, I've got to use it for something. I got tired of filming waterfalls and seagulls, so I decided I'd film tight pussies and hard cocks."


"How dare you do that!" Susan shouted. She was absolutely furious. "This is the most outrageous thing I've ever heard of! Now give me that camera!"


Susan got up and tried to take the camera away from Pete. She couldn't manage to, though.


"Don't worry, Susie," Stewart said. "Nobody's ever going to see that tape except us. At least, I hope not."


"And just what do you mean by that!" Susan gasped. "Are you threatening to blackmail me?"


"Blackmail you?" Stewart laughed. "Of course not. I mean, don't you blackmail someone when they have something that they don't want to give you? Why would we need to blackmail you? You'll put out for any guy with a big hard cock. We don't need to blackmail you. We know how much you love your cock. And that's how come Pete and Larry came over tonight. They really liked seeing me fuck you, but they really want to fuck you too. Look at their cocks. They're horny."


Stewart was right. The two other boys' cocks were stiff in their pants.


Pete and Larry really liked the looks of the beautiful nude woman, and they wanted to get into her tight cunt.


"They want to fuck, do they?" Susan asked. "Well, you can all go fuck each other! I hear that a lot of that goes on in jail! And that's where all of you are going to be, after I've told the police!"


Susan tried to get her clothes. Before she could get them, though, Stewart grabbed her by the arm and pushed her across the room. He was just as angry as Susan now.


"You ain't telling nobody nothing!" the boy snarled. "And you know why? Because if you do, a lot more people are going to see the tape than just me and my buddies. You understand? Anyway, you're the one who's in big trouble, not us. Fucking around with a minor. Well, you might as well keep fucking around with us, since you already started. Now you ain't going to be needing your clothes tonight, so why don't you just relax? Just lie down there and take it easy. You're going to be on your back a lot tonight. We're going to fuck you like crazy. I promised my buddies a good time tonight, and I'm going to keep my promise! They were counting on getting their cocks nice and wet tonight, and they're going to get what they want! Now get down there on the floor and spread your legs wide!"


Chapter 3




Susan wasn't about to do what Stewart said.


"You're going to do what I fucking say!" Stewart was really angry now. He grabbed Susan by the hair, then dragged the nude woman into his bedroom. Pete and Larry followed them. Stewart threw Susan onto his bed.


"Now you're going to do what I fucking say, you fucking bitch!" Stewart shouted. "You're going to do whatever I tell you! Go ahead, guys, get naked! Take your cocks out! I promised you a good time tonight, and you're going to get it!"


Pete and Larry started to take their clothes off. Pretty soon they were completely nude, just like Susan and Stewart. And they were ready to fuck. Their big cocks were stiff and standing high between their legs. Any other time, Susan would have been turned on to see their hard cocks. But now she was very angry.


"Can you get her to suck on my cock, Stew?" Pete asked. "I'd really like to get my cock sucked. I'd really like to feel my hard cock in her wet mouth. No chick's ever sucked on my cock before."


"Sure you can, Pete," Stewart said. "You can get whatever you want. She's going to do whatever I tell her to do. You hear that, Susie? My buddy Pete wants his big cock sucked. He wants his hard prick in your hot mouth and he wants to feel you sucking and slurping on it. Get off that bed and get on the fucking floor. I want to see you on your fucking knees and I want to see you sucking and slurping on Pete's stiff cock and showing him a real good time."


"No!" Susan cried.


"What was that?" Stewart snarled.


"I said no! Unless he doesn't mind losing his cock! Because I'd chew it right off!"


"Oh, yeah? Well, I'm the one who's going to bite pretty soon, honey, if I don't get some cooperation!" Stewart shouted. "We're in my room now, bitch, not yours at school! And when we're in my room, what I say goes, just like what you say goes in your classroom! I'm the boss here! And it looks like I've got some lessons to teach you! And maybe you can't teach me fuck-all in your classroom, but I'm going to teach you plenty here in my room!"


Stewart grabbed Susan and pulled her off the bed. Then Stewart dug in one of his dresser drawers looking for something. Before Susan knew it, she couldn't move her hands, since Stewart had handcuffed them behind her back with the handcuffs that he'd gotten out of the drawer.


"Take these off me!"


Susan was trying to get free, but it was no use.


"No way, honey," Stewart said. "We've got a lot to teach you tonight, and if you ain't going to cooperate, we're just going to have to teach you by force."


"Now can you get her to suck on my cock, Stew?" Pete asked. The horny boy was really anxious to have his hard cock in Susan's wet mouth.


"I think we better wait a little while, Pete," Stewart said. "She really loves her cock, but she's in kind of an ornery mood right now, and if you stuck that prick in her mouth, she might just bite it right off."


"You've got that right, buster," Susan said. She was still very angry. And she was still trying to get the handcuffs off, but she just couldn't. "Now take these off me!"


"Don't worry, though, Pete," Stewart said to his nude friend, ignoring Susan. "You'll get your hard cock in her mouth eventually. She's got one hot mouth. She's got a hot tongue too. Hey, that's a good idea. We'll get her to show us what she can do with that hot tongue of hers. We'll get her to tongue you all over and get you nice and clean, Pete. Did you hear that, Susie? We've got a job for you. You're going to wash Pete's body all over with your little wet tongue and get him nice and clean. You can start with Pete's feet. Let's see you start licking and wiping those big bare feet with your tongue."


"No!" Susan gasped.


Stewart grabbed Susan by the hair. Pete's feet were only a few inches from Susan's mouth. Stewart was holding Susan's head.


Susan didn't have any choice. If she didn't do what Stewart said, he wouldn't let go of her.


Susan started to lick the bare feet of the nude boy standing in front of her.


When she had finished licking one foot, Susan started to lick the other. Before too long both feet were all wet. Susan was licking and lapping at his big bare feet as fast as she could. And though she knew that she should still be angry, she wasn't. She just couldn't help it. It really turned her on to lick the handsome boy's bare feet. And the way Stewart kept holding onto her hair just made her hotter. She liked how strong and dominating he was.


"That's a good girl, Susie," Stewart murmured. "Get those big feet nice and wet and clean. You're doing a good job, honey. We'll teach you yet. You've still got a lot more work to do, though. Now you've got to wash Pete's legs with that little wet tongue of yours. Come on, start washing those legs."


Susan started to lick Pete's legs. As fast as she could, she drew her hungry tongue over one of the nude boy's legs, working her way up from his ankle to his thigh, till the leg was all wet and clean. Then she started on his other leg. Pretty soon it was all wet too.


Susan was getting hotter and hotter. It turned her on to lick the boy's strong legs. Just above her head was Pete's big hard cock. She wanted to put his beautiful stiff cock in her mouth and suck on it. She wished that Stewart would let go of her hair so she could put Pete's fat prick in her mouth. She knew it would taste so good.


"Oh, please, Stewart, let me suck on that big beautiful cock!" Susan moaned. "I want to have that cock in my mouth and I want to suck on it!"


There was no use trying to hide her feelings, she figured.


"Oh no, you don't," Stewart said. "I don't trust you. Anyway, you've got some more work to do. You ain't finished yet. Turn around, Pete."


Pete turned around.


"Now bend over, Pete."


Pete did as his friend told him.


"You see Pete's asshole, Susie?" Stewart asked her. "I want to see you washing it with your fucking tongue. I want you to get your face right in Pete's ass and tongue his asshole good and turn him on. Come on, stick your face right into his ass and start licking."


In a second, the beautiful young woman had her face right in that boy's bare white ass. She was licking and sucking as fast as she could, getting his asshole clean. The boys could hear her slurping away. And Susan was trying to stick her tongue right up that boy's ass. When she did that, she turned him on even more.


"Oh, yeah, rim that tight shit-hole! Rim my tight asshole and get it nice and fucking wet!" Pete groaned. The horny boy was really getting off on the feeling of her wet tongue licking his asshole.


Susan kept on eating the boy's ass. She licked his tight shit-hole, getting it as clean as she could. She was really slurping away. Stewart wasn't holding onto Susan's hair anymore. He knew that he didn't have to do that to get her to do what he wanted. He could tell that she was really turned on by him and his friends. Susan wished that Stewart would take the handcuffs off of her, though. Then she could spread Pete's asscheeks even wider and get her face into the boy's hot ass. Or she could grab Pete's hairy ball-bag and play with his big balls.


Susan started to lick his hairy balls. Then Susan took Pete's big balls in her mouth and started to suck on them. His big balls tasted good. Susan wanted to suck on Pete's big hard cock most of all, though. She wished he would turn around so she could go down on the horny boy.


"Oh please let me suck on that cock! I want to suck on that big hard cock!" Susan moaned.


She was trying to stick her head between Pete's legs so she could suck on his cock.


"I don't know about that," Stewart said. "I don't know if we can trust you."


"Oh please let me!" Susan moaned. She was nearly going out of her mind.


"All right, you did a good job licking Pete's feet and tonguing his asshole, we'll let you suck on his hard cock now." Stewart said. "Turn around, Pete, and feed this bitch some meat. She's hungry."


Pete turned around. His prick was stiff. And in just a few seconds his long fat prick was wet. When Pete had turned around, Susan hadn't wasted any time in opening her hungry mouth and swallowing up his hard young cock. And now his stiff cock was all wet and slippery, and Susan sucked on it as fast as she could.


Susan loved the taste of his hard cock. It was nice and hot in her mouth. Her hungry lips were pushing toward the boy's hairy cock-bush as she tried to take the whole long thing into her mouth. The longer she had his big cock in her mouth, the hornier Susan got.


"Look at her go," Stewart said. He and his friends were watching Susan suck Pete's stiff cock. They could tell how much it turned her on to have a hard prick in her mouth. "Look at that cock-sucker go! Man, she loves her cock! Didn't I tell you, you guys? Didn't I tell you what a great cock-sucker she is? How does that feel, Pete? How do you like your stiff cock in her hot wet mouth?"


"Oh, man, that feels so good! Pete moaned. "She's getting it all nice and wet! She really knows how to suck cock!"


Pete shut his eyes. He was stroking Susan's hair, showing the nude young woman how much he liked the way she was sucking on his hard cock.


"I told you she was one great cock-sucker," Stewart said. "I wouldn't lie to you. Just stand there and enjoy it, man. She'll suck on your cock as long as you want her to."


"I wish she'd keep sucking on my cock forever, but it ain't going to happen!" Pete gasped. "I'm going to shoot my load now! Oh God, I hope this cock-sucking bitch loves the taste of spunk as much as she loves the taste of cock, 'cause I'm going to fire a big load right into her fucking mouth and it's going to go right down her fucking throat! Open wide, honey, 'cause here it fucking comes!"


Susan started to suck Pete's stiff cock even faster. Pete was right. His hot spunk was spurting from his hard prick right into Susan's mouth. Susan was eating every drop of his creamy jism. It tasted good. And it was a load. Susan wished it was even bigger, though, so she could eat even more of his delicious spunk. But there was one more hard cock to suck. Larry's cock was big and stiff too.


As soon as Pete finished shooting his creamy load and pulled his cock out of her mouth, Susan tried to get Larry's fat prick into her hungry mouth. But the nude boy wanted her to go down on him.


"I got to take a piss first," Larry said. "I don't like shooting my load when I need to take a piss. It doesn't feel as good. I got to go to the can. I'll be right back."


"Fuck, man, you don't need to go to the can!" Stewart laughed. "You think Susie here cares whether you shoot your wad down her throat or feed her a gallon of hot piss? She digs cocks, she doesn't care what comes out of them. She likes piss just as much as spunk. Don't you, Susie? You'd like a gallon or two of hot yellow piss right down your fucking throat, wouldn't you?"


Susan didn't say anything. But she wanted Larry to piss right in her mouth so she could swallow down that hot piss.


"Didn't I tell you?" Stewart laughed. "Look at her. That is one thirsty chick. She can hardly wait till she feels that hot piss shooting into her mouth. Fill her up, Larry. Shoot that hot yellow piss right down her fucking throat. Empty the whole fucking tank right into her piss drinking mouth. Right from the fucking tap, man."


Larry must really have needed to go, because his yellow piss was shooting from his cock in a strong stream. And it was going right into Susan's mouth as the nude young woman knelt there on the floor. Susan was drinking that piss down as fast as she could. The yellow piss was nice and hot and tasted good to Susan. The more of the hot piss she drank, the more turned on she got. Susan started to play with her cunt while she drank the piss down. She was playing with her juicy pussy and rubbing her hard clit.


"Didn't I tell you?" Stewart asked. "She likes hot piss just as much as spunk. Look at her playing with her pussy. She's getting real hot. Hey, maybe you better try to cool her off a bit, Larry. Maybe you should hose her down. If she didn't already drink all of your piss."


Larry wasn't finished pissing yet. And now his hot yellow piss was hitting Susan right in the face. Susan shut her eyes. She liked the sensation of the hot piss drumming against her face and streaming down her big tits, back and smooth white ass. She still kept her mouth open, so that some of the piss might go into her mouth and she could drink it.


Finally all the hot piss had come out of Larry's cock. Susan wasn't finished, though. She opened her eyes and in a second, Larry's hard cock was in her mouth. She was sucking Larry's stiff prick even faster than she'd sucked on Pete's. In and out of her mouth his long cock went. It was all slick and slippery from her slobber.


"Looks like you didn't cool her down at all, Larry," Stewart laughed. "She's hotter than ever. Look at her suck on that big cock. She can't get enough of it. How does that feel, Larry? How do you like your stiff prick in that hot wet mouth?"


"Man, it feels so good!" he moaned. The nude boy was standing there looking down at Susan as she sucked his hard cock hungrily. It felt so good to have his stiff prick in Susan's mouth, to feel her sucking and licking it. Larry was stroking Susan's hair, encouraging the cock-hungry woman to suck on his hard prick even faster.


Susan didn't really need any encouragement. Again and again she swallowed his long hard cock, taking as much of his fat prick into her mouth as she could. She wanted Larry to shoot his big wad so the hot cock-cream would spurt right into her mouth and she could eat it all up.


While Susan was sucking on Larry's stiff cock, Stewart and Pete were playing with her tits and pussy and smooth ass. That got her even more excited. And Larry got her hot too, when he grabbed her hair and started to fuck her face as hard as he could, slamming his hard cock into her mouth as deep as he could get it.


Susan liked the rough treatment. It made things even more exciting. Stewart was right, he was the boss. And that's the way Susan liked it.


"Come on, you cock-sucking bitch, the whole thing, I want the whole fucking thing in your wet mouth!" Larry shouted. "You really like the taste of my big cock, don't you? I bet you'd like to get your teeth right into it and get an even better taste, wouldn't you? Sorry, honey, no such luck. This big cock's just too fucking hard. Besides, if you chewed it off, you wouldn't get my load, would you, honey? And I know how hungry you are for my big wad. You want to eat all that creamy jism, don't you? Well, here it comes, baby! I'm shooting my load now and I'm going to fire it right down your fucking throat!


The sticky jizz was spurting out of Larry's stiff cock now, right into Susan's mouth, and she ate all of it. It tasted good. Susan wished his load had been even bigger, so she could have swallowed down even more spunk.


"She sucked me dry," Larry said as he pulled his big cock out of Susan's mouth. "That was one great blow-job. She really knows how to suck cock."


"That's because she digs cocks," Stewart said. "And you guys better keep it up, 'cause we ain't finished yet. I hope your balls are working good, 'cause we're going to be shooting a lot more wads tonight. It's time to fuck some juicy pussy now. Susan's got a nice tight cunt. And she likes a big cock in her cunt just as much as she likes having one in her hot mouth. Don't you, Susie? You want to get fucked now, don't you, honey? You want to feel our hard cocks in your tight little cunt now, don't you?"


"Oh, yes!" Susan moaned. "I want you to fuck me now!"


She wanted the handsome boy to fuck her. It would be great to feel their big cocks in her hairy cunt, she thought.


"What did I tell you?" Stewart laughed. "She can't wait to get fucked. I guess we don't have to have these handcuffs on her any more. She ain't going anywhere, except straight to that bed. Just watch."


Stewart took the handcuffs off Susan. As soon as he did, Susan got on the bed. She wanted one of the boys to get on top of her and put his hard cock into her slippery fuck-hole.


"You see?" Stewart asked. "She needs it bad. She's begging for it. Which one of you guys wants to fuck her first? I already fucked her, so I'll wait. Pete, get into that tight pussy. You are one walking hard-on, man, you need to get your rocks off again. Get into that pussy, dude. You'll love it. It's nice and tight and wet. Fuck her hard. She wants it."


"Her pussy must really be nice and juicy, Stew, from the way I saw you fucking her in the living room," Pete said. "You must have really stretched her pussy-lips by fucking her so hard. I like my pussy extra-tight, though. I'd like to get into her ass. I'd like to shove my hard cock right up her tight asshole and fuck her nice round butt. Man, that would be nice."


"Go ahead then," Stewart said. "Ass-fuck her. She digs that too. Don't you, Susie? How would you like Pete's big cock right up your tight asshole, honey? How would you like eight hard fat inches rammed right up your tight shit-chute?"


"Oh, yes!" Susan moaned. "Fuck me in the ass! Shove that beautiful cock up my cunt or up my ass, I don't care."


Susan wasn't lying on her back anymore. She was on her hands and knees, sticking her beautiful ass in the air. She was wiggling that satiny ass, trying to get Pete to get on the bed with her and shove his big cock right up her asshole. The three boys got hornier just looking at Susan's beautiful ass.


"Look at that hot ass," Pete said. "And look at that tight asshole. I can hardly wait to get right into it."


"Let's get that ass even hotter," Stewart said "Let's get it red-hot. I'm going to slap it. I mean, this is my room, right? I'm the teacher here. And Susie's been a very naughty girl, fucking around with us when she shouldn't. She deserves a spanking."


Chapter 4


Stewart walked over to the bed and started to slap Susan's ass with his hand. Again and again he laid the palm of his hand against her milky-white asscheeks, till Susan's ass was all red. Her ass was so soft and smooth and silky.


Stewart was making a lot of noise spanking Susan's ass. And the longer he slapped her ass, the more excited Susan got. She stuck her ass even higher in the air and was wiggling it even more.


"Oh, yeah, whip my ass!" Susan moaned. "You're turning me on!"


"Give her your belt now, Stew," Larry said. "Whip her ass with your belt and get that ass even redder. She'll love it!"


Stewart went and got a belt, then came back to the bed. And now it was the belt that he was whipping Susan's bare ass with. Again and again the leather came down against her satiny-smooth ass, as Stewart swung that belt. Susan's ass was getting redder and redder. And the nude young woman was getting more and more turned on. She was wiggling her ass like crazy. Her big tits were jiggling up and down.


"Oh, yeah, give it to me good!" Susan groaned. "Come on, give it to me! Oh, God, I want a hard cock up my asshole now! I want to feel a big fat prick stretching my asshole wide and coming right in my ass!"


"You won't have very long to wait, you bitch," Pete said.


The nude boy got on the bed with Susan. He was kneeling right behind her, looking at her red ass and her tight asshole. He started to play with her beautiful ass, sliding his hands over it.


Her flesh was soft and silky. And he was reaching between Susan's legs and playing with her hairy cunt. Then he stuck his finger right up Susan's asshole and started to work it around.


"Yeah, I'm going to fuck it good! It's nice and tight! I hope I can fit my big hard cock in it. I'm going to try."


"Fuck me, I need you to fuck me," Susan gasped.


The nude woman was nearly going out of her mind. It really turned her on to feel Pete's finger up her ass. She wanted his stiff prick in her tight asshole even more, though.


"Don't worry, bitch, I'm going to fuck your tight ass," Pete said. "First, though, I'm going to get a good taste of it. You did such a good job eating my ass, now I'm going to eat yours. I'm going to get my face right in your hot ass and I'm going to eat it good. I like to eat ass. I want to get a good taste of your tight asshole. In another second, Pete had his face buried in Susan's beautiful round ass. He was sucking and licking away as fast as he could, getting a good taste. Over and over her tight shitter Pete drew his hungry tongue, till her shit-hole was nice and wet and clean. Sometimes he tried to stick his tongue right into Susan's ass. He had a hold of Susan's smooth asscheeks and was spreading them apart so he could get right at it. It didn't take very long before Susan's whole ass was all wet from Pete licking it.


"Get into her ass," Stewart said. "Get right into her ass and rim her good."


Stewart and Larry were watching their friend eating Susan's ass. They could hear him slurping away. They could tell that he was having a great time.


"Oh, yeah, that feels good!" Susan moaned. She was really getting off on the way that Pete was rimming her. It felt good to have his wet tongue licking and sucking on her asshole. "Clean my asshole good! And when you're finished, you can stick your big beautiful cock right up my ass and fuck the shit out of me!"


"I'm finished now!" Pete panted. "I had a good taste of your hot ass and now I'm going to fuck it! I'm going to like that even better!"


The horny boy put lots of spit all over his big stiff cock, then he guided it to Susan's tiny asshole. Pretty soon his cock was sliding right into her tight shit-chute, inch by inch. Deeper and deeper into Susan's beautiful ass his hard cock sank.


"Oh, yeah, honey, shove it in!" Susan groaned. "Shove that hot piece of meat right up my asshole! Come on, baby, give me all you got! I want the whole fucking thing right up my goddamn fucking asshole!"


"You've got it," Pete said. "You've got every hard inch right up your asshole now, baby. Does that feel good? I hope it does, 'cause it feels good to me. Man, your asshole is nice and tight."


Pete was right. Every fat inch of his hard cock was shoved up Susan's asshole now, right to the hilt. He'd really stretched her tight asshole wide to fit his cock in.


"Fuck me!" Susan moaned. "Fuck my ass! Ram that big cock in and out of my asshole and give me a good ride!"


Again and again he slammed his hard cock right up her ass, right up to his big balls. He was giving Susan a rough ride. And she loved it. She loved to feel every thick inch of his hard cock fucking up her tight ass. And she loved the way that Pete was slapping her ass while he was ass-fucking her.


"That's right, honey, fuck it!" Susan moaned. "Keep fucking it! Oh, yeah, that's real nice! Don't stop, baby! Don't stop till I feel that hot shoot-off shooting right up my ass!"


"Well, you're going to feel it shooting into your tight ass right now, honey, 'cause here I come!" Pete gasped. The horny boy was ass-fucking Susan even harder now. He wasn't about to stop, since his creamy spunk was spurting out of his stiff cock and shooting right up Susan's smooth ass. Gob after gob of his hot jism was spurting deep into Susan's ass, Pete was making sure of that. He kept slamming his hard cock up her tight asshole as hard as he could. He didn't stop fucking Susan till he'd shot his whole big load into her ass.


Then Pete pulled his long cock out of Susan's tight asshole. He'd had a great time getting his rocks off. Susan wasn't finished yet, though. In a second she was on her back and had her smooth legs spread wide. She wanted another hard cock, this time in her juicy cunt.


"I want some more," Susan moaned. "I need another big cock! I want it right up my fucking pussy and I need it now!"


Larry got on the bed with Susan. In just a few seconds, the horny boy was on top of Susan and his hard cock was going into her tight cunt. Susan's cunt was nice and wet and slick. It felt good to Susan to have the strong boy on top of her. What felt even better, though, was feeling his big fat cock fucking into her slippery pussy.


"Oh, yeah, honey, you know exactly where to put that big beautiful cock!" Susan moaned. "Right up my cunt! Give me the whole thing! I want the whole fucking thing in my pussy!"


"Man, your cunt is nice and tight and slick," Larry said. "My cock feels so good in your pussy, honey. Now I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you till you puke."


Larry started to fuck Susan. The nude boy really knew how to use his cock. Again and again he rammed it into Susan's slippery fuck-hole, shoving it into her tight cunt as hard and as deep as he could. He was fucking Susan so hard that the bed was creaking.


Susan grabbed the boy's bare ass and helped him fuck his big cock into her juicy cunt.


Stewart and Pete were watching their horny buddy fuck Susan. They were very excited. They grabbed their stiff cocks and started to beat off as they watched the hot action.


"How does that feel, honey?" Larry asked. "How does my big cock feel in your tight cunt, eh? You like this big piece of meat in your pussy? Do you? You like it when I ram it right into your fucking cunt, you fucking whore?"


"Oh, yeah!" Susan groaned. "That feels so good! You are one great stud, honey! I dig your beautiful cock!"


"My balls are big too, baby," Larry said. "And that makes my cum-load extra-big. And you're going to get it right now! Hold on, baby, 'cause now I'm really going to ride you!"


Larry kept on fucking Susan. In and out of her slippery cunt his cock went. And then Larry was shooting his big load. His sticky spunk was spurting right into Susan's cunt.


"That's right, fill me full of that hot jizz!" Susan cried out. "Shoot that hot cream right into my cunt!"


"How about some more of this jism right in your fucking mouth?" Stewart asked.


Stewart was standing beside Susan. The boy was still jerking on his stiff cock, and now his cum was shooting out. While Larry was still fucking Susan and emptying his load in Susan's hairy cunt, Stewart was jerking off right in Susan's face. His gobs of sticky jism were hitting Susan in the face. And some of it was going right into her mouth.


Even though Stewart shot a big wad, Susan could have swallowed a lot more tasty cum. And after Larry finished fucking her and pulled his big cock out of her cunt, Susan still wanted more.


"Come on, fuck me some more!" Susan moaned. She was still spread wide on the bed.


"Sorry, Susie, you tired us out!" Stewart laughed. "We just can't keep up with you. It's going to have to be some other time. Yeah, me and my buddies would really like that. Besides, don't you have some work to do? Don't you have to mark all those papers from that test today? Gee, I sure hope I get an A, even though I couldn't make it to class. And you will give me an A, won't you, Susie? I mean, me and my buddies give you an A. You are one great fuck. And we'd really like to fuck you again. Just remember that we got that tape, though, okay? Just remember that, whenever you get any ideas about telling people what happened tonight."


*   *   *


Susan just had to get the tape back from Stewart. There was no doubt about that. Because if anyone saw it, that would probably mean the end of her career. And her career had hardly even begun. This was her first teaching position.


How was she going to get that tape back, though? When Stewart and his friends had done all those things to her in Stewart's bedroom, Stewart had said no when she had asked him to give her the tape. And she hadn't had another chance to ask him to give it to her, since he didn't come to class anymore. Stewart figured that he could do whatever he pleased now.


But he'd said that he really liked her. And that night, as she was leaving, he'd given her the key to his house, telling her that she could come over any time.


If she wanted that tape back, though, the best time to go to Stewart's house would be when he wasn't at home. The tape had to be in the house, probably in Stewart's room.


Susan called in sick a few days later and went to Stewart's house. She went inside as quietly as she could, then stood quietly and listened for a while. It didn't sound as if there was anyone home. She went to Stewart's room and started to look for the tape.


"Who are you? And what are you doing here?"


Susan looked around. She was very frightened. Someone was standing there looking at her suspiciously.


"I said, who are you?" the man demanded.


"I--I'm Susan Lancaster," Susan said nervously. "I'm Stewart's math teacher."


"Are you?" Now the man didn't just look surprised, he looked very puzzled too. "Well, my question still stands. What are you doing here? You'll forgive my asking, but this is my house, and when I stay home from the office to do some paperwork at home, I don't appreciate strangers letting themselves into my house. I'm Stewart's father, Mr. Patterson. Is there something wrong with Stewart?"


"Oh, no," Susan said. "Stewart asked me to come here to get something for him."


It was the only excuse Susan could think of. She knew it sounded very silly. And by the look on his face, Mr. Patterson thought it was very strange too.


"He did?" Mr. Patterson asked. "That's very strange. You'd think that if he needed something he'd come home and get it himself. And if he did ask someone, he'd ask one of his friends and not one of his teachers. So, did you find what you were looking for?"


"No," Susan said.


"Well, what was it exactly? Maybe I could help you find it."


"No, thank you," Susan said nervously. "I don't think it's here anyway."


"That's too bad," Mr. Patterson said, "To tell you the truth, when I first saw you, I thought you were one of Stewart's girlfriends. He has more of them than I can count. They're always in and out of here looking for him. He's very popular with the girls, for some reason. You look very young. And very pretty too if you don't mind my saying so. You cannot have been teaching for very long."


"No, this is my first teaching position," Susan said.


"And how is Stewart doing at school these days?" Mr. Patterson asked. "In math, I mean, since that's what you teach him."


"Not very well, I'm afraid," Susan said.


"I can't say I'm surprised." Mr. Patterson sighed. "He's not really one for school. He likes sports and he likes female companionship, but he doesn't like to study his books. I wish his mother were still alive. I think she'd be able to impress on that boy the importance of school."


"His mother is dead?"


"Yes, I'm afraid so. My wife died about two years ago in a car accident. Of course, Stewart and I both miss her a great deal. Ever since her death, I've made it a point to get Stewart whatever he wants. I suppose I've been trying to compensate for the loss of his mother. I think I've spoiled him quite a bit as you may have noticed."


"Yes, Stewart is a rather difficult child," Susan said.


"That's an interesting way of putting it!" Mr. Patterson laughed. "Yes, Stewart sometimes goes to extremes. And look at you. Somehow or other that boy has convinced you to run his errands for him. Are you sure you can't see what you were looking for, Miss Lancaster?"


"No," Susan said.


"Are you sure?" Mr. Patterson asked. The handsome man was looking Susan straight in the eye. "Can't you see what you were looking for? Why don't you look down here?"


Susan looked farther down Mr. Patterson's body. He was rubbing his crotch with his hand. His cock was stiff. Susan could tell that his hard prick was very big, even though Mr. Patterson had his pants on. And Susan was getting turned on watching Mr. Patterson play with his big cock.


Chapter 5


"Isn't this what you came here for, Miss Lancaster?" Mr. Patterson asked. "Cock? A nice big hard cock? Ten inches of it, to be exact? Well, Stewart's not the only one with ten inches, you know. This is ten big inches right here, honey, ten inches long and nice and big and fat. I mean, where do you think my kid got his big cock from? From his daddy, that's who. And I think of all the things I've given him, he likes his big cock the best. And by the looks of it, he's had his big prick in your slippery little cunt too, honey. That's why you came here, isn't it? You wanted a fat cock rammed right up your juicy pussy. You're not alone. Every hot-to-trot chick who gets a look at that kid's prick wants it rammed right up her cunt. Even his teachers, by the looks of it."


"You're mistaken, Mr. Patterson," Susan said nervously.


"Am I?" Mr. Patterson laughed.


He took off his pants. His cock was just as big as Stewart's. Susan thought his hard prick was beautiful. And the longer she looked at it, the more turned-on she got.


"Can't take your eyes off it, can you?" Mr. Patterson laughed. "You really dig this big cock, don't you? Well, I dig you too, honey. You're one hot-looking chick. So why don't you show me what you've got, since I'm showing you what I got? Let's get naked. I want to see your nice fat tits and that hairy cunt of yours and that nice white ass. Come on, let's get naked, baby."


They started to take their clothes off. Pretty soon they were both nude. Susan really liked the look of Stewart's father. He was very well-built, with a big beautiful cock, big balls and strong hairy arms and legs.


And Mr. Patterson really liked the looks of Susan too.


"Man, you've got a hot pair of tits, honey," Mr. Patterson said. "Look at those big beautiful tits! I want to get a feel of them!"


Mr. Patterson came over to Susan and grabbed her big tits. He was squeezing and rubbing her soft white tits, pulling on them and massaging them in his hands. Susan loved that. And when he started to play with her nipples, rubbing them with his fingers and getting them hard, Susan nearly went out of her mind.


"Oh, baby, you've got hot hands!" Susan moaned. "Play with my tits! Play with my big fat tits all you like!"


Mr. Patterson kept playing with her beautiful round tits for a while. Then he threw his strong arms around young Susan and pulled her close to him. The man stuck his tongue deep into Susan's sweet mouth and was working it around.


Susan loved the tongue action. And she loved the way that Mr. Patterson was playing with her smooth ass. The horny man had her satiny-soft asscheeks in his hands and was rubbing them and squeezing them.


"Oh, baby, I'm getting so hot!" Susan moaned. Mr. Patterson's hungry mouth was working on her neck now, as he licked and bit and sucked on that soft neck. "You're just getting me so hot! I want you to fuck me! I want to feel that big beautiful cock right up my tight pussy!"


"Yeah, it's tight, isn't it?" Mr. Patterson panted. He stuck his finger right into Susan's cunt and started to work it around. Her hairy fuck-hole was wet and slick and juicy. "This little cunt is really tight. Slippery too. Nice and wet and dripping. I'd like to get my big cock in your little pussy. I'd like to ram my big cock right up your tight little cunt and fuck you good."


"Yes, fuck me! I need you to fuck me!" Susan moaned again. It really drove her wild to feel the man's finger in her cunt. She wanted his big cock in her pussy even more, though.


"Don't worry, honey, I'm going to fuck you," Mr. Patterson whispered in Susan's ear. "I'm going to give you what you want. You want a man this time, don't you? You had my kid and now you want me, isn't that it? Well, let me tell you, honey, that kid got his cock from me. And he knows how to use his big cock, but I know how to use mine even better. My wife could have told you that. Fuck, I bet if you opened her coffin right now you'd find her with her legs spread wide, that's how much she liked my big cock. I ain't had any pussy since she died, and there's going to be a might big load of hot jism up your tight cunt after I've finished fucking you."


"Please fuck me! I need you to fuck me!" Susan groaned. She couldn't wait much longer.


"All right, you little bitch, I'm going to fuck you," Mr. Patterson said. "Yeah, that's what you are. You're a little bitch. You're a boy-chasing little bitch who doesn't deserve to teach. I ought to report you. I'm not going to, though, because I've decided I'm going to settle matters on my own. When Stewart's bad, he gets his ass whipped, and when teacher's bad, she sticks her big ass in the air and gets it from the rear. Isn't it, you little bitch? Well, that's how I'm going to give it to you, you hot-to-trot little bitch! Now get on that fucking floor and get that nice ass in the air, because I'm going to get right behind you and shove my big fat cock right up your slippery little pussy and fuck you hard! Now do it!"


In a second, Susan was on the floor. She was sticking her beautiful white ass in the air. She was wiggling her smooth round ass. She wanted to get fucked.


"Come on, fuck me now!" Susan gasped. "Shove that big beautiful cock right up my cunt!"


"You got it," Mr. Patterson said.


In a second, the nude man was kneeling on the floor behind Susan. And in a few more seconds, his long stiff cock was sliding into Susan's juicy pussy. Inch by inch his big fat prick fucked into Susan's wet cunt, going deeper and deeper.


"Oh, yeah, honey, that's good cock!" Susan moaned. "That's really good cock! Give me some more!"


"You want some more?" Mr. Patterson asked. "Hey, honey, I only got ten inches, and they're all shoved up your tight little pussy. Tell you what, though, you little bitch. I'll give you these ten again. I'll give them to you again and again and again till I shoot my load right up this slippery cunt. Hold on, honey, 'cause it's going to be a rough ride!"


Mr. Patterson started to fuck Susan. Again and again Mr. Patterson fucked his long fat cock right into that juicy pussy, shoving it up Susan's hairy cunt as hard and as deep as he could. He was fucking her as fast as he could. And the longer he fucked her, the more turned on Susan got. There weren't many things that felt better than a big stiff cock going in and out of her wet cunt. And the man knew how to use his big cock just like his son Stewart did.


"Oh, yeah, honey, fuck me like crazy!" Susan groaned. "Fuck me and fuck me and don't ever stop fucking!"


"You like that, eh?" Mr. Patterson panted. "This big cock feels good in your tight little cunt, does it? Well, honey, now you're going to feel something else. You're going to feel my hot cum shooting into your slippery pussy and you're going to feel lots of it, 'cause this is one big load coming up."


That nude man kept fucking Susan from the rear, as fast as he could. His hot jizz was spurting from his big cock and shooting deep into Susan's tight pussy. Gobs and gobs of sticky spunk shot from his big cock and flew into Susan's cunt. Mr. Patterson didn't stop fucking Susan till his whole big load was in her cunt.


*   *   *


"Come in, Miss Lancaster."


"Thank you." Susan opened the door and went into that office. She'd only had to knock once.


"Mr. Beauchamp was sitting at his desk. He was the school's vice-principal, and as soon as she'd come to school today, he'd asked her to come see him. Susan sat down. She was very surprised to see Mr. Beauchamp sitting there with a mirror in front of him on his desk, and with a razor in his hand. He was shaving. Susan decided she'd better not say anything, though.


"I hope you'll forgive me for shaving right now," Mr. Beauchamp said. "Of course, it's something I usually do at home. I simply had so much work to do this morning before coming to school, though. School-related work, I mean. I find that I often have to take my work home with me, and sometimes I can't get it all done in the evening. A vice-principal's job is a very busy one. Not that I'm complaining. I enjoy my job very much. I have a great deal of responsibility, and if that means a heavy work-load, I accept it. But my position also requires me to present a neat appearance. The entire staff of this school has that responsibility. I'm sure you'll agree."


"Of course," Susan said. She was quite puzzled.


"I'm glad to hear that," Mr. Beauchamp said. "And of course, you always come to school looking very neat and pretty. Though I imagine that it bothered you quite a bit yesterday morning when you had to call in sick. An enthusiastic teacher like you can't like it very much, being forced by illness to stay away from the classroom. Still, you only missed one day, didn't you? You're well again."


"Yes, I'm fine," Susan said. The young woman was starting to get nervous.


"You look it," Mr. Beauchamp said. He'd finished shaving his face. "As a matter of fact, you don't look as though you were sick. And you must have felt much better by yesterday afternoon, because unless I'm mistaken, I saw you driving in your car yesterday around noon when I went out on my lunch-hour."


"That wasn't me," Susan said. She was very frightened now. Mr. Beauchamp must have seen her when she was driving to Stewart's house to look for that tape.


"But it was you," Mr. Beauchamp said. He was glaring at Susan. "That was your car, and you were driving it. And the fact of the matter is, Miss Lancaster, that you were not sick yesterday. Now, I don't know why you wanted to take a day off. Maybe you wanted to go shopping or some such thing. I'm very disappointed in you, though. I thought you shared my belief that the children of this school came first. I'm very disappointed that you would lie like that."


"I didn't lie," Susan said. "That wasn't me."


"Miss Lancaster, not only did you lie yesterday, but you've lied again this very moment," Mr. Beauchamp said. "And I'm very surprised at hearing these lies coming from a young woman in your position. After all, this is your first teaching position. I don't think it would help you very much if people got the idea that you were in the habit of not coming to work just because you didn't feel like it. You might find it very difficult to find other teaching positions in the future. And if Mr. Henderson heard about this, I don't think that he'd be at all pleased."


"Oh, please don't tell Mr. Henderson," Susan said.


Mr. Henderson was the school's principal. If he found out, she might be fired. Susan didn't want that to happen.


"As a matter of fact, I have no intention of telling him," Mr. Beauchamp said. He got up and locked the door. He walked over and stood beside Susan. "Because I wouldn't want to see you lose your job, Miss Lancaster. I've heard only good things about you. You are a very good teacher. I must say that I'm very impressed with you. Very impressed indeed."


Mr. Beauchamp stuck his hand between Susan's legs and started to rub her crotch. His fingers were working away. He was playing with her cunt for a long time. Susan didn't know if she should let Mr. Beauchamp do that to her. One thing she did know, though, was that it felt good the way he was playing with her cunt. The young woman opened her long legs even wider so that Mr. Beauchamp could get at her young cunt even better. She shut her eyes and let out a moan of pleasure.


"That's right, honey!" Mr. Beauchamp murmured. "We're having a really good time. I'm playing with your hot little pussy and you're loving it. Don't worry, no one's going to know anything. No one's going to know about yesterday, and no one's going to know what's happening right now. I've had my eyes on you ever since you started working here, honey. And I like what I see. You do something to me. Look what you do to me, honey. Open those eyes and look and see what you do to me."


Susan opened her eyes. She was looking at Mr. Beauchamp's crotch. His cock was big and stiff in his pants. It turned her on.


"That's right, honey," Mr. Beauchamp said. "You're getting me hot. My big cock is as hard as a rock and I'm getting really horny. You like the look of that cock, don't you? I can tell by the way you're looking at it. You like cock. And I bet you'd like it even better if you took my prick out of my pants and started to play with it. Go ahead, honey, take it out. Pull my big cock out and turn yourself on. Grab my big fat cock and have yourself some fun."


In just a few seconds, Susan had Mr. Beauchamp's pants pulled down. The horny man's legs were strong and hairy. Susan liked that. What she liked even better, though, was seeing his stiff cock.


Susan grabbed his big cock and started to play with it. She was squeezing his fat prick and yanking it around. Mr. Beauchamp liked that. With her other hand, Susan grabbed his big balls and started to play with them too. His sac was nice and hairy. Mr. Beauchamp liked the way Susan was playing with his cock and balls.


"That's right, baby, play with it," Mr. Beauchamp moaned. "Play with my cock and balls. Mmm, that feels good. I know what'd feel even better, though. I'd like to feel my big cock right in your fucking mouth and I'd like to feel you sucking away on it. I'd like to get my prick all wet and slippery with your spit. Get on your knees and open that mouth wide, 'cause I'm going to ram my fat prick into it!"


Susan did what Mr. Beauchamp said. And before too long his big fat prick was sliding into her mouth. Inch by inch that stiff cock was disappearing into Susan's mouth, deeper and deeper, till his whole cock was in Susan's mouth.


Susan started to suck on the stiff cock. In and out of her hungry mouth his hard cock went. Again and again she swallowed it right up, so that the whole thing was in her mouth, every hot inch. His big cock was all wet and slippery. It tasted so good to Susan. And she could tell that Mr. Beauchamp really liked the way she was sucking on his cock, since she could feel his hand on her head as he stroked her hair.


"That's right, honey, get a good taste of that cock," Mr. Beauchamp murmured. "Get a good taste. The whole thing, honey. You can't really taste it unless you get the whole fucking thing in your cock-sucking mouth. Man, that feels good. So how about something on your cock, eh, honey? I know what you'd like."


Mr. Beauchamp went and got the bag lunch that he'd brought to school, then he took a sandwich out and put all the peanut butter in it all over his stiff cock.


"Come on, honey, let's see you suck all the peanut butter off my hard cock," he said.


Susan started sucking on his stiff cock again. It didn't take very long before all the peanut butter was gone. Susan liked the taste of his cock best, though. And it looked as though she'd be getting a taste of his spunk pretty soon too. Mr. Beauchamp was getting more and more turned on. He'd grabbed Susan's hair and was ramming his big cock into her mouth as hard as he could, right up to his big balls.


"That's right, honey, open wide, get a good taste of this hard piece of meat!" Mr. Beauchamp moaned. "Pretty soon you're going to get a taste of my jizz, because I've got a big load for you. It feels so good having my hard cock in your wet little mouth. I'd like to feel it in your wet little pussy too, though. Get up so I can take your clothes off and see your big tits and your clit and your hairy little cunt."


Susan got up. Mr. Beauchamp started to take her clothes off. She was completely nude in no time at all.


It really turned Mr. Beauchamp on to see her nude. And what he liked to see most was her hairy cunt. He started to play with Susan's cunt. He was rubbing her clit. He stuck his fingers right into her juicy pussy and worked them around. Susan's fuck-hole was tight and wet. The more Mr. Beauchamp fingered Susan, the more excited she got. She liked his fingers in her slippery cunt, but she wanted his hard cock in her tight cunt even more.


"Oh, baby, fuck me!" Susan moaned. "I want you to fuck me! I want you to put that big hard cock right in my cunt and fuck me!"


"You are one hot-looking woman," Mr. Beauchamp said. He kept on playing with Susan's cunt. His fingers were all wet with her cunt-juice. "Your pussy is nice and hairy. It wasn't always hairy, though, was it? Once your tight cunt was nice and bald. I'm going to shave your cunt and get it nice and smooth, just like it used to be."


Mr. Beauchamp went and got his shaving cream and his razor, then he put lots of shaving cream on Susan's cunt. Then he started to shave her pussy. Soon Susan's cunt was completely bald.


"Now I'm going to fuck you, honey," Mr. Beauchamp said. He cleared the top of his desk. "I'm going to fuck you right on top of my desk. Now get on top of this desk and spread your legs."


Susan did what Mr. Beauchamp told her to do. She really wanted to get fucked. Susan lay on top of that desk, her smooth legs spread wide. Mr. Beauchamp took off all his clothes. Then he got on the desk with Susan. His strong body felt good to Susan. What felt even better, though, was his big stiff cock fucking into her cunt. Inch by inch his hard cock was sliding into Susan's shaved pussy.


"Oh, that feels so good!" Susan Moaned. "Your cock feels so good in my cunt!"


"You got that right, baby!" Mr. Beauchamp panted. "Your little pussy is nice and tight! Let's fuck it good and hard!"


Susan was on her back and Mr. Beauchamp was on top of her, and he was fucking his hard cock into her tight cunt. Every time his big cock slammed into her pussy, Susan gave a cry of pleasure. She was clawing at Mr. Beauchamp's back with her fingernails. Then she grabbed his ass and helped him thrust his cock into her cunt. She just didn't want it to end.


"That's right, honey, fuck me, fuck me!" Susan moaned. "Use that thing, baby! That's what it's for!"


"I'm shooting my load now!" Mr. Beauchamp panted. "I'm going to shoot a big load and you're going to get it right up your slippery little cunt!"


Mr. Beauchamp kept on fucking Susan. In and out of her juicy fuck-hole his hard cock went. Gob after gob of his hot jism shot out of his stiff cock, deep into Susan's cunt. And Mr. Beauchamp didn't stop fucking Susan till he'd shot his whole big load into her tight pussy.


Chapter 6


Susan went into the restaurant. She was dressed in her best clothes. She was very excited. Earlier in the evening, Jack had called her. Jack was her boyfriend. She'd known Jack for quite some time. She didn't get to see him very often, since he was an airplane pilot. He'd gotten into town and called her, asking her to meet him for dinner.


Susan was really looking forward to seeing Jack again. It had been so long since she'd seen him. And Jack had also told her that his sister Joanne had come to town to spend her vacation with him. Joanne would be having dinner with them too. Susan was really looking forward to meeting Joanne. Jack had told her so much about his younger sister.


Susan looked around the restaurant. She couldn't see Jack, though. And it was quite a bit after the time that they were supposed to meet. It looked as though Jack had had to break their date because of work. It had happened before. Susan was very disappointed. She headed for the door.


"Excuse me," someone said.


Susan looked around. It was a young woman who had spoken to her. The girl was very attractive. She was smiling at Susan.


"Are you by any chance Susan Lancaster?" the girl asked.


"Yes, I am," Susan said. "And you are?"


"I'm Joanne, Jack's sister," the girl said. "I'm sure Jack's told you about me. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure that he told you that I'd be having dinner with you two tonight. He told me to tell you that he wouldn't be here on time, but that he'll try to make it a little later."


"Well, better late than never." Susan laughed.


"Let's sit down, Susan," Joanne said. "We'll order and see whether Jack makes it after all. I hope he does, but he wasn't sure if he could. Jack wasn't sure if I'd be able to recognize you, because all he told me about you was that you were very pretty. When I saw that you were the prettiest girl in here, though, I just knew that you had to be Jack's girlfriend."


"Thank you," Susan said as she sat down at a table with Joanne. It was very nice of Joanne to compliment her like that.


Susan and Joanne ordered drinks, then ordered dinner. Jack never did show up. But those two girls didn't care. They were having a great time just by themselves. The meal was very good, and Susan found that Joanne was an even nicer girl than Jack had told her she was. She and Joanne had a lot in common. They managed to find out a lot about each other during that dinner.


"Well, it looks as though Jack's not going to show up after all," Joanne said. "At least he gave me some money to pay for the bill. I'll just pay it and have someone call me a taxi."


"Don't be silly," Susan said. "I'd be glad to give you a ride home."


"Thanks very much, Susan," Joanne said.


They paid the bill, then they left the restaurant and went to Susan's car. Before too long Susan had pulled up in front of the apartment building where Jack lived.


"Thank you for the ride, Susan," Joanne said. "It's too bad that Jack couldn't make it. You must miss him, since you don't get to see him very often."


"I wouldn't be surprised if he's up there sleeping," Susan said.


"Maybe you're right," Joanne said. "Why don't we go see? And even if he isn't, you could still have a nightcap."


"All right," Susan said.


The two girls went up to Jack's apartment. Jack wasn't there, but Susan had several drinks anyway.


*   *   *


"I think I better be going now, Joanne," Susan said after awhile. "I had a very nice time. It was very nice to meet you. You're a very nice girl."


"And it was very nice to meet you. Goodnight, Susan," Joanne said.


Before Susan knew it, Joanne kissed her. There didn't seem to be anything unnatural about it at all. The two beautiful young women stood there kissing each other. They were both getting turned on. And they got even more excited when they stuck their tongues in each other's mouth and started to French-kiss.


"Oh, Susan, it's so nice that Jack has a girlfriend as beautiful as you," Joanne said as her lips left Susan's and she started to lick and bite Susan's smooth neck. Susan really liked that.


Susan grabbed Joanne's young tits and started to squeeze and play with them. Then Joanne grabbed Susan's tits and started to squeeze them too. The two beautiful girls stood there playing with each other's big tits.


"Oh, baby, that feels so good!" Susan moaned.


"Yes, it does," Joanne said. "It feels so good the way you're playing with my tits. I wish my tits were as beautiful as yours."


"Your tits are just as beautiful as mine," Susan said.


"No, they're not, Susan. You're more beautiful than I am. Let's take all our clothes off and then you'll see that you're more beautiful than me."


Susan and Joanne started to take their clothes off. Before too long the two young women were both totally nude. It would be hard to say which one was more beautiful, since they were both so pretty. Both of them had smooth, milk-white skin. Both of them had soft round tits. Their legs were nice and smooth. Susan and Joanne were standing there admiring each other's nude body. They kept getting more and more excited. Then they hugged each other and started to kiss each other again. Their hungry tongues were working harder this time.


They were rubbing their tits and their hard nipples together. They were rubbing their clits together. They were rubbing each other's beautiful white ass and feeling how soft and smooth their flesh was. They were fingering each other's tight asshole, sticking their fingers right into each other's tight shit-hole as far as they could go.


"Oh, baby, you don't need Jack tonight!" Joanne moaned. "We can have a great time just by ourselves. Wait a minute and I'll be right back."


Joanne left the room. She must have gone to the kitchen, because when she came back she had that bottle of vegetable oil. She put lots of the oil all over Susan's beautiful nude body, till Susan's body was all slick and glistening. Then Joanne put oil all over her own nude body.


Then they went to the bedroom. Joanne took the sheets off that bed and put a plastic sheet on it, then put a lot of that oil on that sheet.


"Come on, baby, let's have some fun," Joanne said. "Let's get on the bed and slip and slide all over it."


Susan and Joanne got on the bed. They started to kiss each other again. They were slipping and sliding all over the bed, since their oil-slick bodies were so slippery. They squirmed and wriggled on the bed, getting more and more of that slippery oil all over their bodies.


"Oh, baby, I'm so hot now!" Joanne moaned. "I want to eat your pussy! I want to stick my tongue right into your tight little pussy and get a good taste of your cunt! Jack puts his hard cock into your cunt, and I want to put my tongue into it!"


In just a second, Joanne's head was right between Susan's smooth legs. Joanne's hungry tongue started to work. Over and over Susan's pussy Joanne drew her hungry tongue. She was licking Susan's clit. And she was sticking her tongue right into Susan's wet pussy and getting a good taste of her fuck-juices.


Susan's was going wild. She opened her legs even wider so Joanne could get at her cunt even better. She was stroking Joanne's hair, encouraging the horny girl to keep eating her pussy.


"Oh, yeah, honey, keep that tongue working!" Susan gasped. "Use that tongue! Get it right into my pussy! I want to eat some pussy too! I want to get my face right in your hot little cunt and tongue it good!"


"Get on top of me then, Susan," Joanne said. "That way we can eat each other's cunt at the same time."


Joanne lay down on her back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Susan got on her knees, turned around, and mounted Joanne. That way they could eat each other's cunt at the same time. The two girls started to eat each other out. Their tongues were working very fast.


"Well, I see you two girls didn't waste any time getting acquainted. It looks like you're having a really great time!"


Susan and Joanne stopped what they were doing and looked over at the door. Jack was standing there. And his big cock was standing too, right there in his pants.


Susan was so glad to see Jack. It had been a long time since she'd seen him. And it had been so long since she'd had his big cock in her pussy. That's what she missed the most, feeling his stiff prick all the way in her tight cunt. Susan could see Jack's hard cock. And as soon as she saw it, she got on her back and spread her legs wide. She wanted his cock in her tight cunt.


"Oh, Jack, I want you to fuck me!" Susan moaned. "Come on, stud, pull your big beautiful cock out of those pants and put it right here, right in my cunt!"


Susan was fingering her slick fuck-hole, showing Jack where she wanted his cock.


"You're not going to have very long to wait, baby," Jack said.


He didn't waste any time in taking his clothes off. Pretty soon he was nude. And in just another second he was on the bed with Susan and Joanne. Jack got on top of Susan. It had been a long time since he had fucked her. It felt good to put his hard cock into Susan's tight cunt, to feel his cock sliding into her juicy fuck-hole, deeper and deeper.


"Oh, yeah, baby, put your big cock right where it belongs, right up my cunt!" Susan moaned. "I really missed your big hard cock!"


"And I really missed your tight little cunt!" Jack panted. "Mmm, your cunt is as juicy and wet as ever! My cock feels really good in your pussy, honey! I got this whole big piece of meat rammed right up your slippery cunt. That feels really good, doesn't it? And I bet you really missed having me fuck you, didn't you, baby? You really want to feel my big hard cock fucking in and out of your cunt, don't you, honey?"


 "Oh, yes, Jack!" Susan groaned. "Fuck me with your hard cock! Fuck me as hard as you can!"


"That's what I'm going to do," Jack said. "I'm going to ride you really hard."


Jack was ramming his stiff cock into Susan's cunt as hard as he could. Jack was shoving his fat prick as deep as he could into Susan's juicy pussy. But the harder he fucked her, the more Susan liked it.


Joanne was having a great time too. She was lying beside Jack and Susan, watching her older brother fuck Susan. It really excited her to see her brother slamming his hard cock in and out of Susan's tight pussy. She grabbed Jack's ass and helped him shove his stiff prick into Susan's cunt. And while she was watching Jack fuck Susan, Joanne was playing with her pussy, rubbing her clit and sticking her fingers into her slippery fuck-hole.


"Fuck her," Joanne said to her horny brother. "Fuck her hard. Give her every inch of your big beautiful cock."


"That's what I'm doing, baby!" Jack panted. "I'm really giving it to her! And now she's going to get my big load! I'm shooting my wad now and it's gonna shoot right up her hot little cunt! Here it comes!"


Jack was fucking Susan as hard as he could. He was really giving it to her, ramming every hard inch of his stiff cock right into her cunt. Hot jism was spurting from his hard prick and shooting deep into Susan's wet cunt.


Jack kept on fucking Susan till he'd fired every drop of his jizz into her tight cunt. Then he pulled his cock out of Susan's pussy. He'd had a great time fucking her.


Even though Jack had gotten his rocks off, his sister was still horny. She wanted Jack to fuck her too. She lay on her back, her smooth legs spread wide. She wanted to feel Jack's big hard cock fucking right into her young cunt.


"Fuck me too, Jack," Joanne said. "I want you to get on top of me and put your big cock in my pussy. Please, Jack, fuck me, just like you used to!"


"All right, baby, I'll give you what you want," Jack said. "I never said no to you when you wanted me to fuck you, did I? And this time I'm going to fuck you right in the ass. I just had Susan's pussy and now I'm going to have your tight asshole. So get on your hands and knees, baby, and let's see that little shit-hole of yours!"


Joanne got down on her hands and knees, sticking her smooth round ass in the air. Her beautiful ass was all covered with oil. And between those silky-soft asscheeks was Joanne's tiny asshole.


"Come on, baby, I can't wait much longer!" Joanne moaned. "I want to feel that hard cock coming into my ass!"


"Don't you worry, I'm going to fill your tight little rear," Jack said. "We're going to have to get your asshole nice and wet, though, otherwise I won't be able to shove my big cock up there. Come on, Susan, I want you to get Joanne's asshole ready for my hard cock. I want you to get your face right in her ass and give that shit-hole a nice licking. Come on, get your face right in there and rim that tight asshole."


Susan did what Jack said. In a second, her face was buried in Joanne's white ass. She started to lick and lap at Joanne's asshole, getting it as wet and as clean as she could.


Susan's tongue was working hard. She was trying to shove her tongue right into Joanne's tight asshole.


Joanne really liked the feel of Susan's wet tongue working on her asshole. She was wiggling her smooth ass and sticking it in the air as high as she could.


"Oh, yeah, honey, rim that asshole!" Joanne moaned. "Give my asshole a nice rimming and get it good and wet so Jack can shove his hard cock right up my ass!"


"And that's what I'm going to do, don't you worry," Jack said. "Your asshole looks nice and wet now. Now we've got to get my cock nice and wet too. Come on, Susan, suck on my cock and get it all slick and slippery so it'll slide nice and easy up Joanne's tight ass. Come on, honey!"


Susan stopped licking Joanne's tight asshole. It wasn't too long before her mouth was working hard again, though, because as soon as she stopped eating Joanne's ass, she took Jack's stiff cock in her hungry mouth and started to suck on it. Pretty soon his hard cock was all slippery and wet. In and out of her gaping mouth his big fat prick slid. She swallowed it up again and again, filling her mouth with as much of his stiff cock as she could.


Susan loved the taste of his cock. And she would have liked it if Jack had shot his load into her mouth so she could have eaten up his creamy jizz. But Joanne wanted his stiff cock up her ass. She didn't want Jack to fire his wad into Susan's mouth, she wanted him to shove his hard prick up her asshole and shoot his load into her beautiful white ass.


"Please, Jack, shove your cock up my ass now!" Joanne gasped. "I want to feel it right in my ass."


"You got it, baby!" Jack said.


Jack pulled his hard cock out of Susan's mouth. Then he got behind Joanne and guided his fat cock to her wet asshole. Even though her asshole was all wet, his prick was going into it very slowly, since her shit-hole was so tight and Jack's stiff cock was so big.


Joanne loved it. The more of his big cock that fucked into her ass, the more turned on she got. She wiggled her ass as his big cock kept sinking deeper and deeper into her shit-hole.


"That's right, baby, right up that old dirt trail!" Joanne moaned. "Oh, yeah, give me some more! I want the whole fucking thing right up my fucking ass and I want you to split me wide!"


"This feels great!" Jack gasped. "I've got every inch of my cock right up your tight asshole! Now I'm going to fuck your ass. I'm going to fuck it hard and I'm going to shoot my load right up your tight asshole."


Jack started to ass-fuck Joanne. The beautiful nude girl was poised on all fours, her round, oil-slippery ass stuck in the air, while her older brother knelt behind her and kept fucking his hard cock in and out of her tiny asshole. Again and again Jack slammed every inch of his stiff prick into Joanne's shitter. And the harder he ass-fucked Joanne, the more turned on he got, and the more excited she got too.


"That's right, Jack, fuck my tight ass!" Joanne cried. "Keep ramming your big hard prick right up my fucking asshole! Oh, God, that feels so good!"


"Keep fucking her, Jack, give her what she wants," Susan said.


Susan was really getting off on watching Jack fuck his very own sister in the ass.


"Now she's going to get my big load right up her tight ass!" Jack panted, slamming his stiff cock as deep as he could into Joanne's shitter. "I'm creaming now and she's going to feel my hot spunk shooting right up her ass."


"Oh, please, Jack, let me have your load!" Susan moaned. "Let me suck on your cock again and eat your jism!"


"All right, baby," Jack said.


He pulled his hard cock out of Joanne's tight ass. As soon as he did, Susan got his cock in her mouth again and started sucking on it. And just in time, because lots of creamy spunk was shooting from Jack's hard cock. Susan swallowed it down. She didn't get all of it, though. As soon as Jack pulled his cock out of her tight ass, Joanne had turned around and opened her mouth. She got to suck on his stiff prick too, and she swallowed down a lot of his jism. There was plenty of it, since Jack was shooting a big load. And the two girls didn't stop sucking and slurping on Jack's cock till they'd gotten every creamy drop of his jizz.


Chapter 7


Susan still wanted to get the videotape back from Stewart. She felt very uncomfortable about Stewart having it. Who knew what he was doing with it? Maybe he was showing it to other people. And if he showed it to the wrong people, that could mean big trouble for Susan.


Susan didn't want to try looking for it again, though. Even if Stewart wasn't at home, his father might be home again. It wasn't that she didn't like Stewart's father. On the contrary, she'd loved it when he'd fucked her. The trouble was, if she met him again, she'd be having such a great time getting it on with him that when she left, Stewart would probably still have the tape.


She really had no choice but to ask him for it again.


One day, right after school, Susan went out to the playing field beside the building. Stewart was there, just as she'd expected. He played on the school football team, and he was standing on the sidelines in his football gear, watching his teammates practice.


"Stewart, I have to talk to you. It's very important," Susan said.


"Oh, hi, Susie," the boy said, grinning at Susan. "What's happening? Hey, am I still the best student in your class? I don't know how I'm doing these days, since I haven't been able to make it to class for a while. Sorry about that."


"You were never the best student in my class," Susan said. "You are definitely the worst. And you are also the rudest, most obnoxious boy I've ever met. I came here to talk to you about something else. And I think you know what it is."


"Nope, can't say I do," Stewart said, the grin still on his face.


"Yes, you do, you little shit," Susan said. She was starting to get very angry. "I'm talking about that videotape. I want it."


"What videotape is that?" Stewart asked, pretending not to know what Susan was talking about.


"You know very well what videotape I'm talking about!" Susan shouted. "Now, I want it!"


"No. You can't have it," Stewart said. Hearing Susan demand that tape from him so angrily didn't make Stewart angry. "It's mine. It was my camera and my videotape and my big cock going right up your tight cunt. So there. Besides, I'm making a lot of extra bread showing it around to everybody. Didn't you know that you're a movie star now, Susie?"


"You little bastard!" Susan hissed. She was so enraged now. "You can't do that! I want it! And I want it now!"


"You want it now?" Stewart asked. The boy opened his eyes wide, pretending surprise. "Now? Right now? Right here in front of all these people? Hey, Susie, I know you want it, because every chick who's gotten fucked by me wants it again, but I can't fuck you right here. Shit, I got all this gear on. I got my pecker and my balls stuffed in this jock. It's really uncomfortable, you know? The equipment manager can't find a jock big enough for my cock. But you still got my key, don't you? So why don't you come over tonight? I'll fuck you unconscious if you want me to. As a matter of fact, you won't even have to wait that long. Practice is almost over. I'll just get showered, we can go back to my place and I'll fuck on you as long as you like. I'll just be a few minutes. Or can't you wait that long for my big hard cock?"


Stewart headed back toward the school.


"That's not what I'm talking about and you know it, you little prick! I want that tape!"


Susan was so angry that she followed Stewart back into the school and right into the boys' locker room.


"And I said you can't have it," Stewart said.


The boy was starting to take off his uniform. "And that's final. Case closed, Susie. Now, do you want to get the hell out of here? Can't you read? This is the boys' locker room. Cocks and balls only. No tits and slits. Not that me and my buddies have anything against pussy. Fuck, that's what we like best. There's nothing like something nice and hot and wet and juicy after a hard practice, you know what I mean? A hot-looking chick like you standing here when my buddies come in and pull off their jocks--fuck, I don't know if you'd make it out of here alive, Susie. Or maybe that's the way you want to die, with a big stiff cock rammed up your tight cunt, you horny boy-sucker."


"Shut up!" Susan screamed. She couldn't take any more of Stewart's insolence. "Shut your trap! You and your cock can go to hell! Now, I'm talking about that tape! And I want it, so you better give it to me! Now give it to me!"


"Give it to you?" Stewart asked. "Right here? But those other guys are going to come in here soon. What the hell, though. Sure, Susie, I'll give it to you now. Fuck, look at my cock, all ready to go. Hard as a fucking rock. Ten big beautiful inches of hard meat. So where do you want it? Up your cunt? Right up your tight asshole? Or how about in your cock-sucking mouth, Susie? You feeling hungry? How about getting your lips right around my long fat prick and seeing how much of it I can shove down your fucking throat?"


Stewart had taken off his uniform. The handsome boy was completely nude.


"I don't care about your cock!" Susan shouted. This time she didn't scream as loud, though. And what she'd said wasn't really true. Susan wanted to stay angry, but she was having trouble, because she could see Stewart's big hard cock. And when she saw it, she just couldn't help getting excited. She remembered when she'd felt his big prick in her cunt and in her mouth. That had been so good.


"Sure you care about it," Stewart murmured softly. He had his big cock in his hand and he was squeezing it, getting it even longer and thicker. He could see that Susan was looking at it. "Of course you care about my big beautiful cock, honey. Don't lie to me. You can't fool this kid. You love cock. And you love mine the most of all, don't you, honey? Sure you do. Guys dig pussy and chicks dig cock. It's simple. It's easy. It's a groove. Hey, I know what you'd like to do, Susie. You'd like to get a hold of my big beautiful cock yourself, wouldn't you? Sure you would. I can tell by the way you are staring at it. Come on, then, grab hold of this nice big piece of meat and feel how big and fat and hard it is. Come on. Start pulling on it. I'd rather you yank on it than me."


Susan really wanted to grab Stewart's cock. The longer she stood there staring at his big stiff prick, the more turned on she got. She shouldn't do it, though. Because if she did, she would be completely in Stewart's power.


"Come on, Susie," Stewart said softly. "Don't fight it. I can see you're fighting it, and that's real bad. Look at my cock. It's long and it's fat and it's so fucking hard. What more do you want? It's all yours, baby. Go for it. Reach out and touch someone. Reach out and get a hold of my big prick. Come on."


Susan grabbed Stewart's big cock and started to play with it. It was no use trying to resist her urges. They were just too strong. She was yanking and tugging on his long fat prick, feeling how hot and hard it was.


"That's right, little girl," Stewart said. He was smiling as he watched the excited woman play with his big cock. "Play with the toy that Stewart gave you. Does Susie like the toy? Does Susie like to play with Stewart's big hard cock?"


"Oh, Stewart, why do you have to treat me like this?" Susie moaned.


"Treat you like what, honey?" Stewart asked. The nude boy started to play with Susan's tits. He was squeezing and massaging them, getting Susan even more excited. "I mean, ain't I treating you good? Ain't I treating you the best I know how? Ain't I letting you play with my big beautiful cock, and ain't I getting a good feel of your nice big tits? And ain't I going to let you open your mouth real wide so I can shove my big prick right into your wet trap and let you get a good taste of it? Sure I am. You are going to get to suck some cock now, honey. You're going to have to get down on your knees. Get down on your knees, you cock-sucking bitch, and open your mouth wide so I can stick my hard cock right down your fucking throat. Get on your fucking knees right in front of me, you boy-sucking whore! On your knees, like you are when you want something real bad and you got to beg for it! Do it, bitch!"


Susan was quickly kneeling in front of that nude, sweaty boy. But when Susan opened her hungry mouth and tried to take Stewart's long, stiff cock in, Stewart pushed her away.


"Oh no you don't," Stewart said. "Not yet. You got to beg for it. You got to beg for this big fat piece of meat, you little bitch. Now beg for it."


"Oh, please, Stewart, let me suck on it!" Susan moaned. "I want to suck on it! I'll make you feel so good!"


"Oh, yeah? You really want to suck on it?"


"Yes, I do! Please let me suck on it?"


"You like my cock, don't you?"


"Oh, yes, it's so beautiful! Let me suck on it!"


"So who's got the biggest, most beautiful cock in the world?"


"I--I don't know."


"What do you mean, you don't fucking know? I do! Me! Stewart Patterson! I'm number one! Just ask any chick who's been fucked by me, she'll tell you! Shit, if you don't know what you're getting, then maybe you should find yourself some other cock to suck! There are plenty of other chicks who'd do anything for the chance to go down on me!"


"I'm sorry, Stewart," Susan said. "I know you have the most beautiful cock in the world! Please let me suck on it! I want to so much!"


"Damn right! I'm the man!" Stewart said. "I am the number one stud in the whole fucking world! And don't you forget it! And if you want to suck on my cock, then you're going to have to work for it! You see all this sweat all over my body? That's 'cause I've been out there practicing hard. And if you want to suck my cock, the first thing you're going to have to do is get this sweat off me with that tongue of yours. I want you to get me all clean with your fucking tongue. I want to feel that little wet tongue of yours slipping and sliding and scraping and licking all over my body. Usually I take a shower, but I'd rather feel you licking me all over. Now stick your tongue out and get to work! I want to see you do a nice job! I want everything clean! Come on!"


Susan started to lick Stewart's nude body. If it was what she had to do so Stewart would let her suck on his stiff cock, she'd do it. Besides, it turned her on to lick the handsome boy's athletic body. Tasting his sweat excited her.


Susan's wet tongue was working hard, licking and lapping. Susan was doing the best job she could, licking Stewart's bare feet and his legs and his stomach and his chest and his arms and his armpits. And Susan could tell that Stewart liked the job she was doing, since he was stroking her hair with his hand. The nude boy watched the excited woman as she washed and cleaned his nude body with her hungry tongue.


"That's a good girl," Stewart murmured. "You're doing a good job. You're getting me nice and clean. Mmm, that feels nice. A cock-sucker's job just ain't ever done, is it? Scrub, scrub, scrub. Lick, lick, lick! Keep it up, baby!"


Susan moved behind Stewart and started to lick the nude boy's bare ass. Before too long his ass was all wet and shiny. Then Susan stuck her face right in Stewart's asscrack and started to lick the boy's shitter. Over and over his shitter she drew her wet tongue.


After Susan made sure that Stewart's asshole was nice and clean, she knelt in front of him again. There was just one thing left to clean now--Stewart's cock and balls.


And that's what Susan wanted to get her hungry mouth on the most. But when she tried to get his long stiff cock in her mouth, Stewart pushed her away, just like before.


"Oh, Stewart, why won't you let me suck on your big beautiful cock?" Susan moaned. "You said I could! I'm so hot now! I want to suck on it so much!"


"Don't worry, you'll get your meat, you little bitch," Stewart said. "First I want you to get my big sweaty balls clean. I want you to lick my balls and suck on them and get them nice and wet and clean. Come on!"


Susan started to lick Stewart's big balls. She licked and lapped at his hairy ball-sac, getting his sweaty balls all wet and clean. Then she started to suck on them. Susan was nearly going out of her mind with excitement.


"That's right, baby," Stewart said. "Suck and chew on my big balls. Taste good, don't they? Well, now you're going to get to taste something even better. You did such a good job licking me all over with your wet little tongue, now you're going to get a treat. You're going to get a nice big piece of meat, nice and hot and fucking hard. Come on, bitch, go down on me, now. Let's see my big fucking cock right in your fucking mouth and let's see you sucking and slurping on it! Come on!"


In just a few seconds, his super-hard prick was all wet and slick and slippery with Susan's spit. As fast as she could, the young woman was sucking on his fat cock, drawing her head back, then pushing toward the boy's cock-bush with her hungry lips.


Susan loved the taste of his cock. And she wasn't going to stop sucking on it till she'd gotten a creamy load from Stewart's big balls.


"Oh, yeah, baby, do me!" Stewart moaned. "Do me and keep doing me and don't stop doing me! Fuck, that feels so good! Get that thing all wet and slippery, baby, get it all wet and slick with your fucking spit! Man, you are crazy for cock, ain't you? And I'm crazy for this! Don't stop, though, 'cause if you keep that up, you're going to get to taste more than just my big fat cock! My balls are aching like crazy, baby, and that means that I got a jumbo load that's going to spurt so hard out of my fucking pecker it's going to be right down your fucking throat before you know it!"


Chapter 8


"Hey, you guys, dig this!" someone shouted. "Stew's got a babe in here and she's sucking him off like crazy!"


It was a boy in his football uniform, just like the other boys who'd come into the dressing room. Stewart's teammates weren't surprised to see their buddy naked. What did surprise them, though, was seeing his stiff cock in a young woman's hungry mouth.


"That must be why he took off from practice early!" another boy exclaimed. "Fuck, who can blame him?"


"Yeah, and that's Miss Lancaster!" someone else shouted. "She teaches math!"


"Looks like she should be teaching cock-sucking too," another boy said. "Fuck, look at her go! She looks like she ain't eaten for a week!"


"Hey, Stew, so how did you get her in here?" one of Stewart's teammates asked.


"You're looking at it, Dave," Stewart said. "Or you would be, if she didn't have it in her hot little mouth. My cock, man. My big beautiful cock. She's crazy for it, just like every other fucking chick who's ever seen it. Look at her sucking on it. She just can't get enough of my big hard prick. She digs the taste of it. Here, bitch, let me give you a hand."


Stewart grabbed Susan's hair and held on tight. He started to fuck Susan's face with his long cock, slamming the fat, spit-slippery prick as hard and as deep as he could into Susan's mouth. Susan was choking and gagging on his big hard cock. Stewart didn't care, though. He didn't care if he was hurting Susan. And neither did Susan. She liked that rough treatment. It just got her more excited.


"Man, that must feel great, Stew," one of the boys said.


All the boys were standing there watching Susan suck hungrily on Stewart's hard cock. It was great entertainment.


"Don't you know it, dude," Stewart said. "Ain't you ever had your stiff cock in a nice wet mouth?"


"No," the boy said. "Will she suck on our cocks too?"


"She'll suck on anything that's big and hard, boy," Stewart said. "Sure she will. Though maybe not this time, 'cause maybe she ain't going to be hungry no more after she eats the jumbo wad that's going to come shooting out of my big prick in just a few seconds. Oh, man, I'm creaming now! Keep on sucking, honey, 'cause you're going to get a big mouthful of fresh spunk!"


Stewart started ramming his slippery prick as fast as he could into Susan's mouth. Then the horny boy started shooting his wad. Gob after gob of hot spunk spurted from his stiff cock and shot into Susan's mouth. Susan was eating it all down. It tasted good to her.


Susan was still hungry after she'd swallowed it all, though. She would have kept on sucking his stiff prick and waited for another creamy load if Stewart hadn't finally pulled his cock out of her mouth.


"Fuck, I still got it!" Stewart laughed. "I thought she might chew my cock right off. This chick really digs cock. And does she know how to suck it! That was great!"


"Will she suck our cocks now?" one of those boys asked.


"What do you think?" Stewart asked. "Take a look at her."


Susan was still kneeling on the floor. Stewart may just have gotten his rocks off, but Susan was more excited than ever. She wanted to suck more cock. And each of the handsome boys had one.


"Look at her," Stewart said. "She's just getting started. Show her what you got, you guys. Pull your hard-ons out of your jocks and wave them at her. That'll drive her crazy. Get raw, dudes. We're going to have some fun."


Those other boys started to take their equipment off. Pretty soon they were naked. The horny boys' cocks were hard and stiff. They were ready for some action.


"Well, what do you think, Susie?" Stewart asked the young teacher. "Look at all that fresh meat. You still hungry? You want to suck some more cock?"


"Oh, yes!" Susan moaned. The excited woman just couldn't take her eyes off all the stiff cocks.


"Well then, go for it, cock-sucker," Stewart said. "It's your choice. Which one of these big hard pricks do you want to suck on first? My horny buddies are waiting. They just can't wait to feel their big fat cocks in your little wet mouth."


Susan didn't care which one of the stiff cocks she sucked on first. She thought they were all beautiful. It wasn't too long before the young woman was kneeling in front of one of those boys and sucking hungrily on his stiff cock. In and out of Susan's wet mouth the thick cock went, all slick and slippery with her slobber. It turned Susan on a lot to have his cock in her mouth and to be sucking on it. It was nice and hot in her mouth, and so hard.


And all those horny boys' cocks were like that. Because Susan didn't stop after that second boy shot his load into her mouth. As soon as she swallowed down his spunk, she started to suck on another boy's hard prick. She was getting tired, but she wasn't going to let that stop her. She just loved sucking cock too much. And she was going to suck all of the boys' hard cocks, if she could do it.


It really turned the boys on to have Susan suck on their cocks and eat their loads. And even while they were waiting their turns, they had a great time watching Susan suck on their friends' cocks. They didn't just watch, though. The horny boys were playing around with Susan's body while she sucked their cocks. They took all her clothes off.


The boys played with Susan's smooth white tits, rubbing the big jugs and playing with her nipples. They played with Susan's beautiful round ass, rubbing her silky-smooth asscheeks and sticking their fingers right up her tight asshole. They played with her hairy cunt, rubbing her clit and shoving their fingers right up her slippery little fuck-hole. And some of the boys jerked off all over Susan. Susan was covered with creamy spunk.


 But all of the action turned Susan on more. How many stiff cocks had she sucked? How many creamy loads had she swallowed down? Susan wasn't sure. Quite a few. But it still wasn't enough. She wanted to keep on sucking. She was getting tired, but that didn't matter. She loved having a hard cock in her mouth, and she liked to feel hot jism spurting into her mouth so she could eat it all down.


"Hey, what the hell's going on here?" someone shouted.


It was the coach. He'd just come into the dressing room. He was very surprised to see the nude woman sucking his players, stiff cocks.


"We're getting our cocks sucked, Coach," one of the boys said.


"It looks that way, doesn't it? I thought you'd be getting your cocks clean in the showers, not having some piece of tail do it for you with her wet mouth. Fuck, though, that's some nice pussy. Nice tits and big ass and hairy cunt. That's little Miss Lancaster! I've been wanting to get into her tight pussy from the first time I saw her! Maybe I will after all!" The coach watched Susan suck on those boys' cocks. He liked what he saw.


"Man, this is great!" one of those boys moaned. Susan was kneeling in front of him. The horny woman had the boy's stiff cock in her hand and was holding it there while she licked his swollen cock-head with her hungry tongue. She knew the boy would like it. And she liked doing it too.


"Shit, I wish I could get you fuck-ups to work as hard as this on the field," the coach said. "All you're interested in is getting your rocks off. What's happening there, boy? You ready to shoot yet? You going to give that bitch what she wants? Looks to me like she really wants your big wad down her throat."


"And she'd going to get it too, 'cause I'm firing my big load right now!" the horny boy moaned. "Open wide, honey, here it comes!"


Susan put his hard cock back in her mouth and started to suck on it again. And just in time, because lots of sticky jizz spurted from the boy's stiff prick. Susan had already eaten a lot of spunk, but she still swallowed it down. She had sucked every one of the boys' hard cocks. But if they wanted her to suck them again, she was ready.


"Looks to me like you've been having yourselves a lot of fun, you guys," the coach said. "I don't know, though, I think she still wants more. You want some more cock, honey? How about a big man-cock this time? How about getting your lips right around my big hard cock and getting it all wet and slippery too?"


"Oh, yes!" Susan moaned. She was still kneeling on the floor. She was ready for some more action. "Let me suck on it!"


"That's what I like to hear," the coach said. "Here you go."


He pulled his stiff cock out of his pants. And in just a few seconds, his long fat prick was as slick and slippery as the boys' cocks. The coach's hard cock was in the nude woman's hungry mouth, and Susan sucked on it as fast as she could. By now Susan was getting very tired. She didn't care, though.


"Oh, yeah, honey, that feels really fine," the man murmured as he stood there looking down at the young woman who was sucking so hungrily and so noisily on his fat cock. He was stroking her hair, showing her how much he liked it. "Mmm, that feels good! I can see why these fuck-ups wanted to stick their hard pricks in your mouth! You really know how to suck cock! I bet your pussy is just as wet as your hot little mouth, though, isn't it, baby? Nice and slippery and juicy. And especially now that you've turned yourself on so much. That hairy little pussy of yours must be really dripping by now. Fuck, you must really be tired by now. Why don't you take a load off your feet? Why don't you just lie back there on the fucking floor and spread your legs wide so I can get a bead on your tight little fuck-hole? I'd like to put my big cock right up your cunt. I'd like to ram it right up your juicy little cunt, honey."


In just a few seconds, Susan was lying on the floor on her back. The man's big cock wasn't in her mouth anymore. She was playing with her hairy cunt, showing the coach that she wanted his cock in her pussy.


"Oh, please fuck me!" Susan moaned. "Put your cock right up my cunt!"


"Don't you worry, baby, you're going to get it," the coach murmured. "Just lie there and have yourself a rest. Pretty soon you're going to feel my big hard cock slipping into your pussy. Poor little bitch. These fuck-ups made you do all the work, didn't they? That's just like them. They made you work so hard sucking their stiff cocks when what you wanted them to do was get on top of you. Well, maybe that's 'cause they don't know how to fuck. Shit, they don't know how to do much of anything. I can't get them to catch a football, but they sure know how to play with their own balls. Tell you what, Miss Lancaster. What do you say me and you teach these punks how to fuck? We're teachers, ain't we? Ain't that what we're supposed to do, teach these morons? How about if you just lie there and I get on top of you and fuck my big hard cock right up your tight little cunt and show these punks how to fuck a pussy? What do you say to that?"


"Oh, yes, I want you to fuck me!" Susan moaned.


"She's really begging for it, Coach," one of the boys said.


"You got that right, Jimmy," the coach said. "And she's going to get it too. First, though, I'm going to show you how to get a chick even hotter. I'm going to get my face right in her bushy little cunt and eat her out. Didn't she suck on my cock? Well, I'm going to return the favor. Besides, I like the taste of a wet pussy just as much as she likes the taste of a stiff cock. I'm going to get me a nice faceful of juicy pussy!"


The coach took all his clothes off. Then he got on the floor with Susan. He put his face right between Susan's smooth legs and started eating out her hairy cunt. The boys watched as the coach's hungry tongue worked on Susan's hard little clit. They could tell that he was having a great time by the way that he was licking and sucking and chewing. And it really turned them on to watch their coach as he licked and lapped at her cunt-hair till it was all wet and glistening, then to watch that horny man as he stuck his eager tongue right into Susan's juicy fuck-hole and got a good taste of the juices in her tight cunt.


And it turned Susan on too.


Susan was going wild. The beautiful woman was squirming and wriggling on the floor, moaning again. She loved the way the coach was sucking on her cunt. And to make sure he didn't stop, Susan grabbed his head and pushed his face right into her cunt, so his hungry tongue could get even deeper into her slippery fuck-hole.


"That's right, baby, shove that hot tongue right up my cunt!" Susan moaned. "Shove it in as far as you can and get a good taste! And when you're finished with your tongue, I want you to use your big cock! I want you to ram your fat prick right up my pussy and fuck the hell out of me!"


"You're going to get your cock right now, bitch!" the coach panted as he stopped sucking on Susan's cunt. His face was all covered with the juices from Susan's tight cunt. "I had a nice taste of your little cunt and now I'm going to fuck it hard. So what did I tell you, you punks? She's really hot-to-trot now. You got to remember, though, that when you eat pussy, you've got to leave some juice for your cock. Her pussy tasted really good, but I made sure it's still nice and slippery. My big fat cock is going to slide into her fuck-hole nice and easy. Just watch."


The coach got on top of Susan. The young woman liked the feeling of having the strong man lying on top of her. What she liked even more, though, was feeling his long cock sliding into her tight cunt. Inch by inch his hard prick sank into Susan's bushy pussy. Susan gave a groan of pleasure as more and more of his hot cock fucked into her cunt.


"Oh, yeah, stud, I needed something hot and hard in my cunt!" Susan moaned. "And you're giving it to me good!"


"That feels good, doesn't it, baby?" the coach panted. "You like a hard cock in your cunt even better than in your mouth, don't you? Man, that's a nice tight fit. The whole fucking thing shoved right up your slick little cunt! This is good pussy. Nice and tight and wet. Let's see if we can loosen your cunt up a bit, bitch. Let's fuck it real hard so you can feel it going in and out of your little pussy. Let's show these horny punks the right way to fuck a pussy."


The coach started to fuck Susan. He shoved his fat prick as deep as he could into Susan's cunt. And the harder he rode her, the more Susan loved it. The woman was moaning away as he kept ramming his stiff cock up her cunt. Susan grabbed the coach's hairy ass and helped him slam his big cock into her tight pussy.


"Come on, stud, fuck me, fuck me!" Susan cried. "Oh, God, don't ever stop! That's really good cock!"


"And this is great pussy!" the coach panted. "I'd like to keep on fucking you forever, baby, but my big balls just won't let me! I'm gonna cream. You're going to get my load right up your cunt. Hold on, bitch, 'cause now I'm going to fuck you harder than you've ever been fucked before!"


The coach kept on fucking Susan. His stiff cock was going into Susan's cunt fast and hard. And the hot spunk was shooting from the coach's big prick. Gob after gob of spunk spurted deep into Susan's cunt-hole.


"That's how you do it, boys," the coach said. "That's how you fuck a pussy!"


"Can we fuck her now, Coach?" one of the boys asked.


"Yeah, let us fuck her, Coach!" another boy said.


All those horny boys were very anxious to get their stiff cocks into Susan's tight cunt.


"I don't know. Maybe she's had enough. She sucked all your stiff cocks, and then I fucked her hard. What do you say, honey? You want some more cock? You want some more big cocks up that slippery little pussy of yours?"


"Oh, yes!" Susan moaned. The beautiful nude woman was still lying there on the floor with her smooth legs spread wide. She wasn't tired of fucking. She wanted more. "Keep on fucking me!"


"You heard her, boys," the coach said. "She's still hot-to-trot. Now everybody line up and wait your turn. You're all going to get your stiff cocks nice and wet in her tight cunt."


The boys lined up. They all wanted to fuck Susan. And it wasn't too long before the first prick was shoved right up Susan's cunt. The horny boy fucked Susan like crazy, and his excited friends stood there and watched him. But it didn't take very long for that horny boy to shoot his load into Susan's pussy.


There were plenty more stiff cocks, though. And every one of the boys fucked Susan. Susan had never had so many cocks in her pussy in the same day. Some of the boys got on top of her. Some of them made her get on her hands and knees. Then they got behind her and fucked her from the rear.


And some of the boys liked her beautiful white ass so much they fucked her right in the asshole. They shoved their hard cocks right up her tight shitter and ass-fucked her.


By the time the horny boys were finished fucking Susan, the young woman had plenty of creamy jism up her cunt and up her asshole. And there was the spunk in her stomach too, which she'd swallowed down after she'd sucked it out of the boys' hard cocks.


"Now if only I could get you punks to play football like you fuck pussy!" The coach laughed. "Looks like it's time to hit the showers. You've really worked up a sweat."


"So has she," one of the boys said.


"Hey, let's bring her into the showers with us!" one of the boys shouted. "We could have a really hot time!"


The horny boys grabbed Susan and took her into the showers with them. It wasn't too long before everybody was all wet. But the boys were more interested in Susan's body than in washing their own bodies. They were all over the beautiful young woman, playing with her big tits and her smooth white ass and her tight pussy. They sucked on her tits and stuck their fingers up her cunt and tight asshole.


Fingers weren't the only things they shoved up Susan's cunt and shithole, though. The boys fucked Susan again. Some of them liked their stiff pricks in Susan's pussy, some of them liked their hard cocks right up Susan's asshole. Sometimes two boys would fuck Susan at the same time, one up her asshole and one up her cunt. And Susan loved it all.


Chapter 9


"Please come in, Miss Lancaster."


"Thank you, Mr. Henderson," Susan said. She went into the office and took a seat opposite the school's principal.


"Please forgive me for asking to see you while one of your classes is in progress, Miss Lancaster," Mr. Henderson said. "The matter is very urgent, however. As a matter of fact, I would have asked you to see me even earlier, but I had to make a rather lengthy telephone call."


"What is it, Mr. Henderson?" Susan asked.


She was quite puzzled.


"Miss Lancaster, I'll be blunt," Mr. Henderson said. "I am stunned. Certain recent happenings have upset me profoundly. Last night I was paid a visit at my home by a student of this school. Quite naturally, I supposed that the matter must be a very serious one, if he felt the need to consult with me after school hours. And I was right--more than I knew. The student in question is a young man by the name of Stewart Patterson. I believe you know him?"


"Yes, I do," Susan said. "He--he's one of my students."


"Indeed," Mr. Henderson said. "Though it turns out that you've made it your concern that Stewart acquire certain other skills, right, Miss Lancaster?"


"I beg your pardon?" Susan said. She was confused. And getting so scared.


"I have something here," Mr. Henderson said. He opened a drawer and put on top of his desk what he'd taken out of the drawer. "Do you know what this is?"


"Yes, I do," Susan said. She knew what that was. It was a videotape. Seeing the tape horrified Susan. Her heart was pounding.


"We're both agreed, then, that it is a videotape," Mr. Henderson said. "And I think we both know what it contains. To be sure, never in my worst nightmares would I ever have imagined finding a member of my staff engaged in the activities portrayed on this videotape. And to find that teacher engaged in such filthy acts with an innocent young boy--no, Miss Lancaster, you must believe me when I tell you how horrified and disgusted I was. Still, it was best that I saw it, because if young Stewart hadn't brought it along with him and he had urged me to view it, I would never have believed for a moment the shocking tale of depravity and sexual perversion that the poor frightened lad related to me."




"Miss Lancaster, you know of sexual abuse, I am sure?" Mr. Henderson asked.


"Certainly," Susan said.


"Of course you do," Mr. Henderson said. "Few people do not. And instances of it never fail to provoke shock and horror on the part of those of us who feel it essential that innocent young children be safeguarded from sexual degenerates. Are you a person, Miss Lancaster, who feels our children must be protected from such abuse?"


"Certainly," Susan said. What was Mr. Henderson getting at?


"Are you indeed?" Mr. Henderson shouted. "Well, to be honest, Miss Lancaster, simply to look at you would be to form an opinion of your character! A pretty young woman such as yourself. Who would ever imagine that you were anything but a dedicated young teacher intent on seeing that your young students become wholesome adults? Who would ever imagine that you are, in fact, a monster? Good God, I still can't believe it! I'm sitting here looking at you and I see a pretty young woman! The monster inside, however, I cannot see!"


"Mr. Henderson, what are you talking about?" Susan asked. The young woman was frightened and confused.


"Do not deny it, Miss Lancaster!" Mr. Henderson exclaimed. "The truth is out! And I'm glad that Stewart found the courage to come to me and tell all! I will not disappoint him! No longer will he have to live in fear! No longer will his sleep be disturbed by horrible nightmares! Oh, how I misjudged that poor boy! I'd thought that his difficulty at school was due simply to his own laziness and inattention! But now I see why he neglects his studies! And what poor, innocent child would not be distracted from his studies if he'd been made the sexual slave of a monster such as you? Yes, you, Miss Lancaster! Stewart told me everything, though it was only with the greatest of difficulty. You lured Stewart and several of his equally innocent friends to your home! You intoxicated these poor young boys with liquor and then you seduced them! Not that that was the last time! Oh, no! Threatening to see to it that they would fail their classes unless they cooperated with you, you obtained for yourself a group of young boys who would satisfy your depraved sexual appetites! A group of terrified young boys who had no choice but to let you abuse their bodies, a group of unfortunate young lads who had no choice but to allow you to commit all of the filthy, vile, unspeakable indignities that have been devised by the sexual perverts of this world! Why, you were not even above having your disgusting orgies filmed, were you? And here is one of those filthy productions, here on this videotape. Stewart told me the great difficulty he had relieving you of it! And I'm proud of that boy for showing such courage, because it is the evidence that proves every word he says! And it is the evidence that will convict you and put an end to this horror!"


"Mr. Henderson, Stewart is lying!" Susan cried. "That's not what happened! I never--"


"Be quiet!" Mr. Henderson shouted. "No more of your lies! And it is you, Miss Lancaster, who is lying, not Stewart! Stewart is a wonderful boy! He would never lie! He is a delightful, charming boy, a credit to this school! When he wept in my arms as he told his tale of horror, I was almost moved to tears myself! Stewart will never have cause to cry again, though, now that his sexual slavery to you has ended!"


"But Mr. Henderson, Stewart is--"


"We have nothing further to discuss, Miss Lancaster," Mr. Henderson said. "Needless to say, you are dismissed from your teaching position. Now get out of my office and get out of this school. Outside in my waiting room you will find two officers who would be pleased if you would accept a ride. They are anxious to have an interview with you in private. I believe such interviews are customarily held in a certain room in the police station. I spent the morning on the phone with them explaining the situation, and they've kindly come over. I believe they also brought along a pair of handcuffs. You needn't worry about your class in progress."


"No, Mr. Henderson, you don't understand!" Susan cried. "It wasn't me, it was Stewart! I haven't done anything wrong! You can't fire me!"


"Can't fire you?" Mr. Henderson asked. "I most certainly can. And that is what I've done, this very moment. Now get out! Your career is over! Not that you'll have a need to make a living. Unless I'm mistaken, room and board will be provided to you free in your new home. And I also understand that inmates are permitted to earn extra pocket money by making license plates. Unfortunately, Miss Lancaster, you will be totally without male companionship. You will just have women like yourself to keep you company. No more poor boys to prey on, just lesbians after your beautiful young body. Now get out of my office! Perhaps we'll meet again one day, though I doubt that will be for several years!"


Mr. Henderson got out of his chair and went over to the door.


"No, Mr. Henderson, please listen to me! Please let me explain! You've got to listen to me!"


Susan was desperate.


She got out of her chair and went over to Mr. Henderson, taking him by the arm. In just a second, though, Susan was on the floor, because as soon as she touched him, Mr. Henderson shoved her away.


"Don't you touch me, you filthy young woman!" Mr. Henderson yelled. "Besides, why would you touch me? Isn't it young boys that you prefer? Isn't it boys' stiff cocks that you like to suck on? Isn't it boys' hard cocks that you like to feel in your pussy?"


"I don't just like boys, Mr. Henderson!" Susan cried. She was still on the floor. "I like men too!"


"Is that so?" Mr. Henderson sneered. "You like men too, do you? You like man-cocks just as much as you like boy-cocks, do you? Well, what about this one? Is this man-cock big and stiff enough for you, you little bitch? Is this big hard prick long and fat enough to get you drooling, honey?"


Mr. Henderson pulled his cock out of his pants. His prick was sticking up hard and stiff. Susan was looking at it. She just couldn't help getting excited at seeing his stiff cock.


"Let me suck on your cock, Mr. Henderson!" Susan moaned as she moved on her hands and knees toward Mr. Henderson. "Let me suck on it and let me make you feel good, baby! I'll suck on it whenever you want me to! You don't have to fire me, I'll come running whenever you want me to, and I'll suck on your big beautiful cock!"


Pretty soon the desperate young woman was kneeling right in front of Mr. Henderson. And before too long the man's thick cock was in Susan's mouth. She didn't care that someone might come in and see them. She wanted to keep her job, and if that meant sucking Mr. Henderson's cock, she would do it.


Susan swallowed the prick up. She made sure that she got the whole thing in her mouth. She swallowed the fat cock till her nose was in Mr. Henderson's cock-hair, then let it out of her mouth again. The stiff cock tasted good to Susan. She was having a great time.


And so was Mr. Henderson. He had Susan by the hair and was holding on tight. He wasn't trying to get his stiff cock out of her mouth, though. Instead, he was helping Susan. He slammed his hard, cock into Susan's mouth again and again.


"There's no stopping you, is there, Miss Lancaster?" Mr. Henderson asked. "You see a stiff cock and you've got to get your lips around it, don't you? Come on, then, suck on my cock, honey. Suck it right up. That's right, the whole fucking thing right into your mouth. I bet you're hungry for my load, aren't you? You'd like me to shoot a big wad into your mouth so you can eat it all, wouldn't you? What about some more fun first, though? I bet you'd like your big tits squeezed. I bet you'd like me to play with your pussy and get you even hotter."


All of a sudden Mr. Henderson pushed Susan away. The young woman ended up on her back on the floor. And it wasn't very long before she was lying there completely nude, because Mr. Henderson ripped off all her clothes.


Mr. Henderson groped at the beautiful young woman. He was getting a feel of every part of her body.


"Oh, yeah, baby, cop yourself a good feel!" Susan moaned. "Play with my tits and my cunt all you like! I'm yours, honey! Do what you want to do!"


Susan was going to let Mr. Henderson do whatever he wanted to her. If she did that, maybe he would let her keep her job. Besides, she liked the way Mr. Henderson was feeling her up.


"This is a nice hairy pussy," Mr. Henderson murmured as he played with Susan's cunt.


He kept playing with her clit and he kept sticking his fingers right up her juicy cunt. He could feel how wet and slippery it was.


"This is a nice slick cunt. How would you like your tight cunt fucked, honey? How would you like to feel my fat cock going into your cunt?"


"Oh, yes, Mr. Henderson, do whatever you want to do!" Susan groaned. "Give it to me!"


"I'll give it to you, all right, you little slut!" Mr. Henderson snarled. "Now get on your hands and knees and stick your ass in the air! You're going to get it up your asshole and you're going to get it up your cunt!"


Susan did what Mr. Henderson said. Susan stuck her smooth ass in the air as high as she could.


"Wait right there, you little bitch," Mr. Henderson said.


The man stood up and took his clothes off. Then he knelt down behind Susan.


"Let's see how tight your asshole is," Mr. Henderson said.


One of his hands moved to her asshole. And in just a few seconds, he'd stuck one of his fingers right up her tight shit-hole. Mr. Henderson could feel how tight her shit-chute was.


"Oh, yeah, honey, give it to me!" Susan moaned. "Give me that hot finger! Give me as many fingers as you want!"


Feeling the man's finger up her asshole really turned Susan on. Susan stuck her satiny-soft ass even higher in the air and started to wiggle it.


"That's right, honey, wiggle that ass," Mr. Henderson said. "Wiggle that hot ass while I finger your tight asshole. Yeah, it's nice and tight. How'd you like to feel my big cock going right up it, baby? Eh? How'd you like me to take my finger out of your tight shit-hole and ram my stiff cock right in?"


"Do it, stud!" Susan moaned. "Do it to me! Do whatever you want, baby! Ram that big cock up my asshole and bang my butt hard!"


"Well, what's it going to be?" Mr. Henderson asked. "You want my big cock up your asshole or you want it up your cunt? From where I'm looking, baby, I've got two tight holes to choose from. Which one is it going to be?"


Mr. Henderson still had one of his fingers jammed right up Susan's tight asshole. He was still working it around inside her big ass. He put his other hand between Susan's legs and started to play with her cunt again.


Susan was really going wild. It turned her on so much to feel his finger up her ass and his other fingers up her cunt.


"Oh, please fuck me, Mr. Henderson!" Susan moaned. "You're getting me so hot!"


"I'll fuck you, all right, you dirty little bitch!" Mr. Henderson snarled. "I'm going to ram my big cock right up your tight asshole! You're going to get every fucking inch up your nice round ass and you're going to love it!"


Mr. Henderson pulled his finger out of Susan's tight asshole. Then he spat in his hand and put the spit all over his stiff cock. It was going to be a tight fit. Susan's shit-hole was very tight. His hard prick was poised right at Susan's teeny asshole.


Mr. Henderson thrust. His long fat cock started to sink into Susan's ass. Inch by inch his stiff prick disappeared up Susan's asshole. It was going in very slowly, since Susan's shit-hole was so tight.


Deeper and deeper into Susan's beautiful white ass his stiff cock went, stretching her asshole wide. At last his whole big cock was buried in Susan's round ass. Mr. Henderson had shoved every hard inch up Susan's shit-chute, right up to his big hairy balls.


"How does that feel, honey?"


"Oh, yes!" Susan groaned. "That feels so good!"


"Well, this is going to feel even better," Mr. Henderson said, "because I'm going to fuck your asshole fast with my big cock."


He was ass-fucking her as hard as he could. It felt good to have his stiff prick deep inside her super-tight asshole.


And it felt good to Susan too.


The horny man reached underneath Susan and grabbed her big tits, one in each hand. He played with her fat tits as he slammed his cock right up Susan's ass.


"Oh, honey, you are the best!" Susan moaned. "You really know how to turn me on! That's good cock, baby! That's really good cock!"


"How's about my big cock right up your pussy now, eh, honey?" Mr. Henderson panted. "You've had it right up your tight asshole, how about right up your tight little pussy now?"


Mr. Henderson pulled his long stiff cock out of Susan's hairless shit-hole. Mr. Henderson guided his cock to Susan's hairy cunt and slid it into her slippery fuck-hole. Mr. Henderson's hard cock was slamming into Susan as hard as ever, giving her every fat inch of his prick again and again and again.


"That's right, baby, you found yourself another hole!" Susan groaned. "You got yourself a nice wet hole and I want you to shove your big beautiful cock right up my cunt! Poke a hole in my pussy, honey! Shove that goddamn prick right out the other fucking side!"


"You like this big fat cock right up your cunt, do you, honey?" Mr. Henderson panted. "Well, here's something else now! Here's my big load!"


Hot spunk was spurting from Mr. Henderson's hard cock and shooting deep inside Susan's pussy. Mr. Henderson was playing with Susan's big tits again, squeezing and massaging her fat tits while he rammed his cock as deep as he could into her slippery cunt. He didn't pull his cock out of Susan's cunt till he'd shot his whole load.


"Are you happy now, baby?" Mr. Henderson asked as he stood up and started to put his clothes back on. "You satisfied? Think that'll keep you for awhile?"


"Oh, yes, Mr. Henderson," Susan said. "That was great. You can fuck me whenever you want to. All you have to do is ask."


"How nice of you to offer," Mr. Henderson said. "Unfortunately, that won't be possible. You'll be in prison and I won't have my weekends free to come visit you. Now get up and put your clothes back on, you little bitch! That's the last load you'll have up your cunt for a long time! Put your clothes on and get out of my office!"


"Mr. Henderson, you--"


"I said get up!" Mr. Henderson said.


He pulled Susan up, then he made her put her clothes back on. Then he opened the door and pushed her out--right into the arms of two policemen.


The End